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Dainty Jewell’s got our start when young Charity began simply upcycling tops, skirts, and dresses by adding embellishments. These bows, ruffles, and attention to dainty details on these garments were the start of a signature line that continues to the present in all of Dainty Jewell's original designs. What began as a creative outlet for a young girl to make beautiful yet modest clothing to fit her own godly lifestyle, has grown into a full ministry for women across the world who strive to present themselves as intentional ladies.

Dainty Jewell's is about more than just selling beautiful clothing. We are on a mission to provide every woman and girl the opportunity to choose timeless fashions that stay true to her sense of modesty. We believe that having access to affordable, modest, and beautiful pieces allows all women’s true beauty to shine through. We also pay special attention to our youngest customers by designing age-appropriate, beautiful outfits for girls of all ages.

We pay particular attention and care to women’s varying body types, and we honor those differences with designs fit for any woman. Dainty Jewell’s commitment to quality, customer care, and integrity in all that we do has allowed us to continue to grow our mission and ministry throughout the world.

If you have a moment, please take some time to watch our founder and lead designer, Charity, tell the story of Dainty Jewell’s evolution and our mission.





The Story of Dainty Jewells

Our Mission

"And who knows but that you have come to your position for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14)

As women created by God for the express purpose to bring Him glory in all that we do, we believe that ladies have a specific obligation to dress in such a manner that reflects this intention. Our company supports and celebrates women as human beings and provides clothing that is in line with Biblical beliefs of modesty. We support women in their roles not only as mothers and daughters, but also in career choices and as free human beings.

Our mission is to provide you with beautiful, modest clothing of the highest quality. As such, we spend months designing our spring and fall collections with you in mind. It is our ultimate goal to present you with garments fit for the ladies you are. Dainty Jewell’s is admired and respected for our lovely, unique, high-quality pieces created specifically for women who insist on dressing fashionably without compromising their modesty.

Our commitment to you is to keep our core value of modesty connected to the Biblical principles and to bring you garments we believe are pleasing to God.

Our History

While Dainty Jewell’s is acclaimed for our stylish feminine apparel, it is the designer behind every flower, ruffle, and lace confection bearing the Dainty Jewell’s name that has made us the premier provider of modest clothing for women across the United States and abroad.

Charity Walter, a modern southern belle who grew up in North Carolina, began designing at the age of 16, with the intent of upcycling and creating unique pieces featuring custom embellishments, dainty details, and decorative confections. After inspiring friends and acquaintances with her unique creations, the idea of creating her own company was born. Dainty Jewell's remains dedicated to providing affordable, modest clothing to women of all ages because Charity believes that dressing modestly is more than a fashion statement. Dressing with ladylike class is a privilege she believes all women should have access to.

Combined with her intuitive business sense, Charity’s ability and passion to design clothing for every body type and age group is a gift that has enabled Dainty Jewell’s to soar in excellence for quality, customer service, and integrity.

Charity incorporates her creativity into every part of her personal life as well, from designing her own wedding gown to decorating her new home in Oregon, and through pursuing other outlets of creativity such as music appreciation and playing the piano. Charity continues to enjoy life to its fullest.

The Dainty Jewell’s name derives from Charity’s middle name, Jewell. She was named after her great-grandmother who ran an upscale women’s boutique in the early 1900s in Mississippi.

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