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Coral Chevron Swimdress

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    What the world has been waiting for... Made with a soft Lycra Spandex This Chevron Swim dress is perfect for a day at the beach! Not only is it a great Swim Dress but also a great Cover-up! The fabric is very high quality lycra, which dries out SUPER quick! SO after a warm swim, you can wear this to have a girls night out, shopping and look adorable at BOTH Places!

    It is lined with a soft Mesh to help prevent clinging. Let’s be honest, Anything completely submerged in water is going to cling unless its a heavy utility fabric used for couches! But we have added this mesh to help prevent the clinging.

    It's made with a VERY High Quality Designer Lycra Spandex (Swimsuit Fabric.) Another great Plus about our Swimwear is they dry SO quickly! Don’t you hate wearing Cotton dresses to the beach and having to wait 2-3 hours to dry off? For extra modesty you can also purchase our layering shorts available on our website.

    This Swimdress was created to promote more modest apparel for leisure activities, like light swimming and lounging. This dress may not be appropriate for Some extreme forms exercise and swimming activities. These dresses must be washed in cold water, and hung dry. Otherwise, they have the possibilty to shrink and get damaged.

    3/4 Sleeve length:14" | Short sleeve length: 9"

    Please Note: These measurements are approximate, not exact. 


    Model wears size small in Dainty Jewell's.

    Model wears size small in Dainty Jewell's.

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      Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2018

      I've had this swimdress for about a year and a half, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I was a little doubtful when I got it whether I could actually swim in it, but I can! It's very comfortable, and doesn't hinder my swimming at all!!

      I recently wore this swim dress to a swimming party, and when I got home, I had lost it! I searched everywhere, literally, and even contacted the hosts to ask if I'd left it there before I remembered vividly bringing it to the car, but could not find it. I was so sad!!!! I needed a swim dress for the summer, but didn't want to spend $74 + shipping again if possible, so I searched all over the internet for another swim dress, and I discovered that, at least in my opinion, this is the best swim dress out there for several reasons.

      Compared to all the other swimdresses I looked at (which were a TON!!! Pages and pages and pages!!!) this dress is the:

      - Most durable
      - Cutest
      - Least expensive (in most cases, this was less expensive than other swimdresses, but sometimes I did find swimdresses that were cheaper, but I knew that this one would last longer, AND look better!)

      So, without hesitation, I bought another one! And I'd do it again!

      P.S. I like this print because it's orangeish/peachish/ and looks good on me. I would never know it was a swimdress if it wasn't stretchy! I'm so tempted to wear it out shopping or something! Maybe I will one day. :D

      P.S.S. I am 5 feet 2 inches, so it looks longer on me than in the picture shown on the website, but it's comfortable, and easy to swim in, and doesn't look like it's 'too big.' It's a couple feet from my ankles, but works well!

    2. I love this dress!

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2017

      This dress is great. I am 5 feet 1 inch and it is 4 feet above my ankles - so I may need to grow into it a bit more. :D But that will happen, and otherwise this dress is wonderful. It is very comfy, pretty, and I was surprised (pleasantly) that it had mesh on the top and bottom underneath to keep it from clinging. Great idea. It came with the ribbon, but there is a small little piece of elastic on the waist so you don't need the ribbon, it just looks cute. The quality of the fabric is superb and the sewing is quality. I would buy it again.

    3. Beautiful

      Posted by Unknown on 15th Jul 2016

      Very beautiful swim dress. There is a rash guard lining inside the top part of the dress, and a mesh lining inside the skirt of the dress. These are definitely true to size, so if you're on the "bigger" end of the size scale, I suggest going up a size. I wear a 2x, and I bought this in 2x, and was slightly disappointed. It's not at all forgiving and shows all my bulges. I just recently had my third child, so on top of being a modest Apostolic woman, I'm also very self-conscious of my shape right now. Maybe as time progresses and I lose my pregnancy weight, I will feel better about this swim dress, but right now I'm a little disappointed. I'm still giving this dress five stars because the quality is unbeatable, but at the end of the day I just don't think it's worth $75.

    4. Best Swimdress EVER

      Posted by Tina Wise on 15th Jul 2014

      I received my Coral Chevron SwimDress today and I absolutely love it. It is Modest! The material is perfect and the fit is perfect as well. GREAT Job Charity!! Keep up the good work!!

    5. Adorable

      Posted by Misty Avery on 14th Jul 2014

      Very cute dress!! I'm wearing it for more than a swim dress. It's just too cute not to!

    6. Beautiful swim dress

      Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2014

      This is a beautiful and well made swim dress. The fabric is so nice and the mesh underneath is very soft. I'm looking forward to wearing this on our next trip to the water!

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