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Dainty Rewards

Dainty Jewell’s success is all because of you, our loyal customers. We would not be here today if you did not love our designs and keep coming back for more! It is our true passion to make beautiful, affordable, and modest clothing for women like us who want to honor God in all that they do. We are so grateful that we get to wake up each day and do what we love, knowing that we are doing our part to help our customers walk a godly path.

Because of this, we want to thank you, and more importantly, reward you! Our Dainty Rewards program gives back to you for what you give us! If you sign up you will receive Jewells that translate into perks and savings!

How to earn Jewells:

  • Just for signing up (250 Jewells)
  • Place an order (2 Jewells / $ spent)
  • Refer friends (500 Jewells)
  • Share our site on Facebook (250 Jewells)
  • For being born! (100 free Jewells every birthday)

 Jewells translate to savings! Every 100 Jewells you acquire earns you $1 in savings!*

  • 500 Jewells = $5 Discount
  • 1,000 Jewells = $10 Discount
  • 2,000 Jewells = $20 Discount
  • 3,000 Jewells = $30 Discount
  • 4,000 Jewells = $40 Discount

So on and so on!

Dainty Rewards members earn and save! We always offer surprise goodies along the way!

*Shipping not included. Points not valid on tax or shipping costs. No other coupon code valid when redeeming rewards points. Restrictions may apply.
Email info@daintyjewells.com with questions or for more information

Create your account  NOW to start earning Dainty Rewards today! 


$5 Discount 500 Jewells
$10 Discount 1,000 Jewells
$15 Discount 1,500 Jewells
$20 Discount 2,000 Jewells
$25 Discount 2,500 Jewells
$30 Discount 3,000 Jewells
$35 Discount 3,500 Jewells
$40 Discount 4,000 Jewells
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