10 Fun Wedding Ideas

October 22, 2014

Image via Puff ‘n Stuff Events Catering

Looking for ways to add special touches to your wedding?

Today I’ve compiled ten fun ideas for making the most of this memorable day!

To incorporate an adorable look like in the image above, add some pizzazz to your reception by designing an attractive seating arrangement for you and the mister.

She's Intentional Blog: Make a book from your wedding cards.
Image via Wedding Party

Wedding Card Book
Use a hole punch to make two holes along the edges of your cards and put them in a two-ring binder. Take it from someone who regrets not doing this: a wedding card book is a great idea! Most of my wedding cards are tucked away in a box that sees the light of day only when we move to a new house.

She's Intentional: Create a personal wedding magazine for guests.

Image via Twenty Pages

Wedding Day Magazine
A wedding day magazine like the one from Twenty Pages above can entertain guests, provide the day’s agenda (as well as give info about hotels and nearby restaurants), and introduce your wedding party in a fun way. It also makes for a great keepsake. You can distribute these at your wedding or use them for wedding invitations.

She's Intentional: Introduce your wedding party.

Image via Martha Stewart Weddings

Meet-our-party Inserts
Full-blown wedding magazines will exceed many brides’ wedding budgets. A more budget-friendly idea is to add a page to your wedding program with bios, pictures, and how-we-met tidbits about your wedding party. This is a great way to honor your party members and introduce them to your wedding guests.

She's Intentional Blog: Alternative to Guest Book -- Fun Advice Cards

Image via Red Fly Photography via Wedding Party

Advice Cards
These are such fun cards to have available at the reception. Guests can come at their leisure and write their advice on the cards. Not only might you end up with some great (and humorous) advice, but you’ll have something you can pull out for years to come when you want to reminisce.

She's Intentional Blog: Have guests sign Jenga blocks instead of a guestbook.  Love One Another Photography via Wedding Party

Jenga-Block Guest Book
Every traditional wedding has a guest book, but in truth, few women ever pull theirs out when looking for a good read. After the wedding, a guest book is largely forgotten.

The Jenga-block idea above is a great way for guests to leave their signatures on something you and your husband can enjoy on a regular basis. (If you’re not into games and you use some creativity, you may be able to come up with an even better idea!)

She's Intentional Blog: As a tribute to your bridesmaids, embroider their names in bouquet ribbons along with a meaningful quote or a Bible verse that illustrates your friendship.Walters & Walters via Bridal Guide

Tribute to Bridesmaids
Embroider the ribbons of your bridesmaids bouquets with their names and a quote, verse, or sentiment that relates to your friendship.

“Is any pleasure on earth as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?”
— C.S. Lewis

She's Intentional Blog: I Spy Instagram Wedding Game

Via Splash of Silver on Etsy

“I Spy” Instagram Game
If you use Instagram, this idea gets your guests involved in the wedding photography while entertaining them in the process. Display a poster like the one from Etsy above or create your own.

She's Intentional Blog: Something Blue for the Bride

Nate Henderson via Southern Weddings

Something Blue for the Bride
Want to adhere to the tradition to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? Consider having your wedding date or another precious sentiment embroidered inside your dress in blue.


She's Intentional Blog: Word search napkins for reception fun.

Tory Williams Photography via The Knot

Word Search Napkins
If you’re planning a lighthearted, easy-going approach to your wedding, word search napkins can lend to the atmosphere.

Most Importantly…

Whether or not you use any of these ideas, the ultimate way to make the most of your wedding day is to pray about it — preferably before you ever find a groom. Pray you’ll be incredibly wise when it comes to choosing a groom, because truthfully, whether your wedding day is picture perfect or seemingly governed by Murphy’s Law, your choice of a husband will soon outshine (or overshadow) all of that.

Best wishes!

(P.S. Check out this great article about marriage by assistant editor Charity Hall.)