10 Things To Do Before the End of Summer Bucket List

September 21, 2018

The end of summer is so near, we will soon be sipping our hot cocoa while the leaves change colors. But for now, I want to enjoy every possible moment of summer that is left!

For those of us looking to squeeze out the last few drops of summertime, I have compiled 10 bucket list things to do before summer officially ends.

1. Make fresh lemonade.

Sip it outside in the sun in your favorite summer dress! Some of my favorites from the Dainty Jewell’s collection are the Chance Encounters Dress and the Intentionally Yours Dress.

2. Go swimming.

Whether you have a pool or lake nearby, spend the day swimming and enjoying the nice weather before it is gone. Make sure and stock up on snacks to have nearby, because you’ll surely work up an appetite. If you haven’t seen the swimwear at Dainty Jewell’s, find my favorite swim dress in florals here.

3. Have a picnic.

Pack up some tasty treats, sandwiches, and fruits, and head to the park (or even your backyard) with a quilt, and enjoy some time with friends or family! Some delicious treats to try are these Sweet Summer Galettes!

4. Plan a barbecue.

Invite some friends over and fire up the grill! Some of my favorite things to grill are corn on the cobb, zucchinis, and lemon-lime chicken.

5. Read a book in the park.

There’s just something about sitting outside on a nice day and reading under the shade of a tree.

6.  Take a hike and watch the sunset.

So peaceful, and a great way to get in some exercise while surrounded by God’s creation. Look up some new trails to explore and get some friends to tag along with you.

7. Spend time lying in the grass watching the stars.

8. Enjoy a day offline.

Go against the grain and leave your cell phone out of reach for the day. Instead, use that time to finish up those projects that you started and never quite finished.

9. Go on a long bike ride and grab some ice cream.

10. Make popsicles.

Pinterest has an endless amount of recipes for healthy popsicle treats that will keep you cool for the remaining days of summer.

What other things are on your end-of-summer bucket list? I’d love to know; leave a message in the comments below!