10 Tips For A Tidy House (Just in time for Fall!)

August 25, 2016

Who skipped the whole spring cleaning thing and is waiting for fall instead?

Or maybe you did your spring cleaning but need to declutter and organize for fall also? That’s me.

It’s that time for me to reorganize the house, my closet, and get ready for fall. Ahh I’m so ready for the smell of Bath and Body Works “Pumpkin Pecan Waffle” candles to flow through my house; I’m ready for the leaves to turn and the rain to fall; I’m read to wear sweaters and boots! And of course, a warm fireplace to sit in front of with a cup of hazelnut coffee. Yes, fall is my favorite time of year.

But let’s get back to reorganizing in preparation for this wonderful season.

Here are 10 tips that you can apply to your life that will help you declutter, organize, and get your house ready in time for Fall.

1. Sort by category. Not location.

Instead of starting in one bedroom and making your way to another, and then to the kitchen, and then the living room, try sorting through categories instead. Perhaps start with clothes, make your way to books, linens, et cetera. It may give you a new perspective on your things and what you really need instead of cleaning by location!

2. Tidy in ONE DAY. 

Instead of cleaning and tidying each day to accomplish your goal, set aside ONE or TWO days dedicated specifically to organizing your house. If you do little bits every day, you’ll find yourself tidying up forever, whereas in just one or two days you’ll have it completed in no time!

3. Pick up ONE item at a time. 

Pick up each item as you’re decluttering and ask yourself, “Does this make me happy? Does it spark joy?” If not, get rid of it!

4. Fold your clothes.

Fold t-shirts and things alike so that they stand up vertically. You will be able to see every shirt at once instead of digging through a pile of shirts to find the one you want.

5. Don’t repurpose clothes for loungewear and pajamas. 

Don’t keep an old ratty and torn t-shirt with the idea that it will become pajamas. The reality of that is that it will remain at the bottom of a drawer and take up space.

6. Recycle your papers.

Old newspapers, ads, and junk mail…throw it all away! Be sure there is no important information before you do that, though. For all important documents: organize, file, and store away. Or you can scan them so that you have a digital file instead!

7. Don’t keep something JUST because it was a gift.

After the gift giving moment has passed, you can donate the gift without guilt because it has served its purpose. Unless it’s something of sentimental value, don’t feel like you have to hold onto something just because it was a gift.

8. People who store everything = HOARDERS. 

Yes, it’s true. Just because you have found a new place for something it a new storage box for something unneeded doesn’t make your house clean and tidy. Yes, it may organize it, but if it’s something unnecessary then it’s just taking up space. Think simplicity!

9. Start with the easiest things to get rid of. 

For me that would be clothes. If I haven’t worn something in a while, I try to ask myself if I REALLY like it or if I can let it go. If you start with sentimental things and momentos, they will be a lot harder to let go of. So start with the easier things so that you’ll be in the right mindset to organize and let go of the harder things.

10. Enjoy the season of FALL!

Now that you have cleaned and organized your house just in time for the fall season, sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful season of fall. Take in the beauty of God’s creation as the leaves change colors and fall off the trees. Be thankful for the things you do have and what God has blessed you with! Fall is the season of thankfulness!

I hope these 10 tips have helped YOU like they have helped me to organize and tidy up my house.  I’m ready for the season of Fall! How about you? What’s your favorite time of year and do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to prepare for that season? Let us know in the comments below!