2015 :: One Little Word

January 01, 2015

photo via The Shine Project

Over the last few years it’s become popular to choose a word that signifies your goals for the coming year. One Little Word. I’ve chosen a word for the last few years and I’ve noticed that it keeps me focused on what’s really important in my yearly goals. I create a goal list based on that one little word. After all, it’s the time of year for goals!

As we headed into the latter half of December, I started seeing people post their One Little Word (OLW)  for the year and I started to think of my own. As I thought of this, I also thought of the one word, or rather a name, that we often take for granted. It should be the center of all our goals, and most importantly, our whole world.


When you don’t know what to say just say Jesus
There is power in the name the name of Jesus
If the words won’t come ’cause you’re to afraid to pray
Just say Jesus      

-7eventh Time Down

Just like the song says above, all we have to do is say Jesus. We create mantras to remind ourselves of positive thinking and goals we set. We set our “one little words” to keep our goals focused in one main area, and yet we forget the one word that centers us in a moment: Jesus. In any emergency: Jesus. In the good times: Jesus. The one little word that can never be insignificant or inappropriate to the occasion. Jesus.

We sometimes get overwhelmed in life, and January comes just in time for a fresh start every year. Thankfully when we get overwhelmed spiritually we don’t have to wait until the next twelve month cycle – we just have to call on Jesus. Just one little word (name). 

What about you? How do you set goals? Do you use one word or a sentence? When creating your goals do you think of that most important word (name)? As you enjoy the start of a fresh year, I hope Jesus will be a the center of everything you do.