3 Questions to Ask Yourself Today

July 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I know what you’re thinking (and praying for): the weekend, of course! So I want to do a quick mid-week check-in with you ladies to encourage you today. I know just how easily we can become wrapped up in the drudgery of schedules and errands. So instead, lets kickstart this Wednesday with more direction! While you reflect on the three questions below and answer these honestly, I hope you will remember just how valuable and important you are.

Who are you reaching for?

Each one of us carries the ability to reach out to a completely different set of people every day. One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard my pastor repeatedly say is: “You are the only Bible some people will ever read.” There are people that read your life and attitudes shown to them daily that may never be reached or affected by anyone else with truth. You can easily be a beam of light into the darkness they are living. Be the bright light you were called to be, and reach for them!

What do you represent?

Darling, I pray that you let them see far beyond the dress, heels, and hair — that they see more than just a girl who holds her head up high in the air. Let them see Jesus in you. Let your smile radiate God’s joy and peace each day! Allow your lips to speak words of kindness that are soothing to the aching hearts you are surrounded by. Proverbs 16:24 says, “Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”

How can we become more effective in the kingdom?

I am often questioning how I can do more with the 24 hrs a day I have. I have come to find that it is not so much about doing more as it is about doing each thing effectively. Is what I am doing making a difference somewhere? Am I contributing, supporting, and cultivating growth in my church? How can I grow closer to God and in turn help those around me? My desire is to focus all of my efforts on what matters in the long run.

Feel free to answer these questions by journaling out the answers to yourself to reflect upon. I find that to be a good way to analyze my own reflections. If you would like to share some of these answers with us, please comment below!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!