3 Ways to Make This Thanksgiving Special

November 22, 2017

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is TOMORROW?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes? Wasn’t it just summer + lemonade + pool season, like, 2 days ago?!

Whether you’re the planner and have been ready for tomorrow’s festivities for the past three weeks or the last-minute gal who’s still racing around trying find the best priced turkey (at this point I would recommend one that isn’t frozen… experience speaking! ha!), I’ve got a few things to share with you to help make your Thankful Day just a touch more special.

1. The Outfit

As I’m sure you’re aware, wearing the right outfit is a crucial part of hosting a dinner, attending a festive party, and enjoying yourself. Not because it’s about image, but because you want to feel comfortable and confidant without worrying about how you look, how you feel, or what’s going on with the twenty-seven safety pins holding you in place.

Whether you’re in a warmer climate but want to dress for the holiday, in a cold place that requires a few more layers, or hanging out inside all day, try recreating one of these outfits from our very own Courtney.

Grab these outfit ideas that are all original She’s Intentional posts here: Thanksgiving Outfit for Warmer Climents + Cozy Knits and Demin Skirts+ Neutrals in NYC.

2. The Table

Let’s be honest here: food + the table play a pretty big role in America’s celebration of Thanksgiving. Whether you need a bit of tablescape help, or you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in a bit of an untraditional way with a yummy, hearty breakfast prior to your later dinner, we’ve got you covered!

Use our recipe for a Thanksgiving Breakfast Quiche or Pumpkin Pancakes to start your day off super special right away! Then read over 4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party to help you host the most amazing holiday ever.

3. The Reason

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? What is there really to be thankful about in this crazy, post-modern world of trauma/busy/hate? Oh my darling… I’m so glad you asked. We are bombarded on a daily basis with news of shootings, natural disasters, and political unrest. We are obsessed with debating our differences in politics, religion, and social status. But the fact remains: we are here in the world for a greater reason than reading fake news stories on Facebook, comparing ourselves with the cutest fashion bloggers on Instagram, and having road rage in the Target parking lot. We are here to be a light to the world: we are here to be Jesus. We are here to give hope, to be peacemakers, to give love.

Before you celebrate tomorrow, read about how we can form genuine gratitude in our hearts from a place of imperfect circumstances, how to show creative ways to show thankfulness, and then remind yourself that the world needs someone to pull them up, a need for unconditional love, and a malnourishment of souls that are desperate for Jesus and truth.

This is what Thanksgiving is all about: this is what makes Thanksgiving special.