4 Rules for Teenaged Girls to Live By

June 27, 2016

My family has always been very tight knit and close. My parents provided me with the best of life! While my parents have always been my friends, they were also my parents; however, during my teen years, my relationship with my mom — even though we remained close — had probably seen better days.

Of course, I had those days that I just wanted to get away and couldn’t STAND my parents (or so I thought), I didn’t want to have a phone curfew, I didn’t want to have a reasonable curfew (Midnight) to be back at the house after hanging out with friends or youth functions.

Don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t a bad kid, just a normal teenager with a mouthy attitude. It got me in trouble a time or two, that’s for sure! Thinking back now, I know that my parents had my best interest at heart. They did what was best for me. They set guidelines in place for me to follow, and if the rules were broken, then there would be consequences.

Now, since I am a parent and an adult, I am able to better understand what my parents taught me. I now know the feelings they felt when they were raising me. And now I can only imagine the years to come with my little one.

The funny thing is that I am closer now to both my parents now than I ever was. And I was close to them. They are still my parents, but they are also my best friends. I know I can come to them for anything and they will be there to help me.

As an adult, I have gained a whole new respect for my parents. Who knew that adulting was this crazy! I have learned to cherish each and every moment with them, especially now since I live so far away from them. (Yes, it is ridiculously hard to so far from my family!) I look up to them and want to be just like my mom when I “grow up.” I find myself doing things just like my mom and even sounding like her at times. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see her in myself — and of course, it makes me smile.

I guess the reason for telling you about my relationship with my parents is this:

1. HONOR YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER. I know when you’re younger, that seems like a hard thing to do. Teenage attitudes are a real thing and nothing to be proud of. I promise that you will look back and think on things you said or did and regret them if you don’t honor your parents.

2. BE THANKFUL. Along with honoring and respecting your parents, be thankful FOR them and for the things they DO for you.

3. LISTEN TO THEM. You may not think that the things they’re teaching you now are handy, but I promise you will find yourself using the life lessons and things they taught you.

4. CHERISH THEM. You won’t have your parents forever. So make the most of every moment you spend with them. You don’t want the regret of wishing you had done more with them when you had them. Call them everyday just to say hello! What is one phone call?

Take these few “rules” and apply them to your life. It doesn’t have to apply to just parents, but to anyone that you see as a mother/father figure in your life or look up to.

I’m so thankful for the guidelines my parents placed in my life and for the things they taught me. They paved the pathway to my adulthood and taught me right from wrong — they are my biggest heroes! Make sure your own relationships with your parents, mentors, and church leadership are strong and connected, too…it will be the best thing in your life!