4 Tips For Dorm-Room Decorating

October 13, 2016

It’s officially fall which, in college-student speak, means-it’s midterm season.

Midterm stress exists as a fact of life for many of us as we pursue a higher education, our dreams, insanity, etc; however, I think we can all agree that having a space that feels a bit like home to walk into, pour over textbooks, or maybe just collapse in, can significantly decrease that ever-steepining slope of stress.

So here are a few simplistic and affordable tips for making a college dorm space feel a little less generic, a little more personal, and a lot more all-nighter/collapsing friendly:

  1. Don’t overdue your desk space: I should emphasize that a desk is ABSOLUTELY necessary, because, let’s just admit it, as often as we convince ourselves that we’ll study in bed, we know that our sleep deprivation is going to hone in on the first available pillow as our ole’ pal productivity says “buh-bye.” That being said, make sure your desk is actually functional. Throw a light source and an inspirational quote on there that coincides with your color scheme, but numero uno priority should be that your laptop and a textbook (and probably a coffee mug) fit comfortably.

  2. COFFEE STATION, COFFEE STATION, COFFEE STATION: I feel that this is relatively explanatory. (Honestly, the only reason it’s not number one is because I felt that emphasizing the desk space appears more studious.) What is a life without coffee, and therefore, what is a living space without a coffee space? Display your favorite (thematic) coffee mug on your blessed Keurig, find a cute coffee/tea-bag tin, a few of your favorite room accessories from home, and, my friend, your midterm-week survival is assured.

  3. Decor For Storage: Hats are a staple, but where to put them in your doll-sized, and still shrinking, closet? You don’t. Use them for decor, Pinterest says its ok. I took four of my favorites and placed them in a diamond pattern, and voila, I have room for my hats, and they perfectly fill a hole in my wall-space.

  4. A Memory Wall: Pictures make a house, or in this case-a dorm-a home; they remind of the ones who love you, of adventuresome moments, of things worth surviving midterms for-so incorporate pictures into your statement wall. I used a tapestry by Urban Outfitters to make a statement, printed Polaroid-esque pictures through Artifact Uprising, and hung them with metal clips from Urban to complete my memory wall.

Nothing is impossible, not even midterms, with the help of God and a few placed dorm-room staples!