5 Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

May 29, 2020 · by Adrian Hildebrand

While we are still dealing with the effects of COVID19 in many parts of the world, I'm sure some couples could use a date night! (Raising my hand!)

Social distancing is still in full swing, so all of these date night ideas can adhere to those guidelines and our budgets.

Here are five budget-friendly date night ideas for couples:

Read A Book Together

Committing to read one chapter of a book then discussing what was learned is a great way to boost your mental energy and communication with your spouse!

Connect By Asking Questions

One great way to do this is by utilizing the Foundations Deck from Dear Young Married Couple, which is a fun way to improve your communication and get to know each other even better!

Ice Cream

Ice cream is the way to my heart! Whether it be at home or a local ice cream shop, eating this delicious treat with my hubs is fun and budget-friendly. Many sites offer coupons through their mobile apps. For example, Dairy Queen regularly offers BOGO or $1 ice cream cone coupons.

Game Night

This is an age-old way to connect with and enjoy time with your spouse or significant other. There are endless card games and board games you can play with your spouse or a small group (once social distancing is over)! Scrabble and UNO are some of my personal favorites.

Budget Date Night

I like to make talking about our family finances as fun as possible! This includes creating a special dinner (or eating that ice cream!) to make the budget meeting more upbeat. It releases tension and provides a unique setting for you to talk about the topic together.

Which budget-friendly date night will you be enjoying with your spouse? I think I'll start with ice cream. ;-)

Adrian Hildebrand

About Adrian Hildebrand

Adrian Hildebrand is first and foremost a Christian. Then, she is a wife to Kyle and dog momma to Milo and Marley. Adrian is also a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Financial Coach, podcaster, blogger, and self-proclaimed money nerd with a passion for helping others realign their finances to live a rich, fulfilled life.

Adrian and her husband, Kyle, reside in Columbus, IN, and attend The Sanctuary under the pastoral leadership of Dan Mitchell. They also serve on the worship team there.

Adrian's faith-based principles, practical skills, and budgeting system allowed her to pay off over $20K debt within two years’ time, even when her household income was just under $30K. Adrian and Kyle see the miracle of giving, debt freedom, and living below their means in action.

Using finances as a tool, Adrian's model is intertwined with intentional living, value-aligned spending, and biblical stewardship. Her business, Faith in Finance, reaches hundreds of people searching for a biblical approach to heal broken financial situations using a little humor and tangible tidbits leading to a rich life.

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