5 Conference Dresses to Add to Your Wardrobe

October 22, 2023 ยท by Andrea Long

Most Apostolic young ladies would probably agree with this statement: Finding the perfect dress for a conference can be difficult! 

A perfect conference dress has to check all the boxes, right? This dress must be stylish, flattering, unique...and modest and comfortable for those glory-filled church services! A statement dress is also one that can be worn again and again, not just to church conferences, but to weddings, galas, banquets, and fancy dates. 

Here are five statement dresses for you to wear to your next conference or special event:

The Nostalgic Nights dress is a sparkly dream! It comes in two lengths - midi and maxi - and is one of the most stunning dresses we've ever designed. Get ready for the compliments when you wear this dress!

The My Time to Bloom dress is a vibrant dress in bold fall florals with a silhouette that graces any figure. Your conference look will be complete with this lovely number. 

We can go on and on about the All A Flutter dress! This maxi dress dress in a perfect golden mustard with black and white fan print is absolutely gorgeous. The tiered ruffles on the skirt give an elegant vibe to this show-stopper. 

The Piece of My Heart dress is a simple style made elegant by the luxurious velvet and slightly puffed sleeves. This dress comes in three rich jewel tones - perfect for fall and winter!

Last, but not least, our Life in Full Bloom dress is a delicate design for the daintiest of ladies. It's full of sweet, feminine details from neckline to hem! The fabric was made for Autumn occasions - a light beige background that has a shimmer, printed with whimsical white and brown florals throughout.

More tips to consider:

  • Keep your accessories simple. The dress is the statement piece!
  • Let your personality shine! Each lady's style is unique and special; make your fashion your own!
  • True beauty comes from within, so, no matter what dress you choose - an old one from your own closet or ordered new from a boutique - you are beautiful!
Andrea Long

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Andrea Long is editor and manager of The Dainty Jewell's Blog. She is also a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home mom of 2 precious boys. Her life is full of adventure as she travels with her evangelist husband and little ones in a "tiny home on wheels". She enjoys finding ways to decorate her small space, time with her family, a good book, a strong cup of coffee, and as much time at her piano as possible. Andrea considers herself very blessed to live this life for her Faithful Friend. Follow Andrea on Instagram @andreagrindlelong.