5 Fun Tourist Spots in Seattle

March 22, 2019

Seattle skyline with the Space Needle (far left) and Columbia Tower (far right)

One of the biggest perks of being an evangelist’s wife is getting to travel! We traveled to the Pacific Northwest in 2014 and have spent close to four years there. We absolutely loved Seattle! Today, I wanted to share a few of our favorite tourist spots in this gorgeous city.

The Columbia Tower (black tower on the far right) is the tallest building in Seattle with 76 stories! You have to pay to ride the elevator to the top, but the view is amazing on a clear day.

The Space Needle is a very popular touristy spot. It was built for the World Fair in 1962 and remained the tallest building in Seattle until 1969. You can buy tickets to ride the elevator to the top, which is like a mini museum with pictures of its construction. There is also an interactive map and guestbook where you can sign and see where others have visited from. There is also a portion of the wall dedicated to social media posts about the Space Needle.

Myself, Madilyn and my mom at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a public marketplace, and I absolutely LOVE walking through it. It has several levels, with everything from fresh flowers to clothing to raw fish!

The Gum Wall is quite possibly the germiest (not a word, I know) place in the Seattle. However, its a super cool background for pictures!

Macarons from Le Panier Bakery

Le Panier Bakery is a French Bakery on Pike Place next to the market. Every time we’re in town, I make sure to stop here. Their macarons are out of this world! The flavors pictured are chocolate, lemon, raspberry and caramel. They also have amazing baked meringues.

I’ve never been overly fascinated by scenery (Louisiana girl here) UNTIL I saw Mt. Rainier. It’s absolutely stunning. On clear days, it is visibly from miles away. Sometimes the sunset turns the mountain a gorgeous shade of pink. I shared a few of my favorite pictures of this gorgeous landmark.

The drive to Mt. Rainier is gorgeous as well. There is a museum, several hiking trails and some amazing photo opportunities.

This is just a tiny taste of this amazing city! Have you ever traveled to Seattle? What were some of your favorite spots? Let us know in the comments!