5 Tips for a Successful Day

July 28, 2016

As a wife and a mom, sometimes I feel overwhelmed with stress and the things that I REALLY have to get done.

Just a few examples: call the doctor and make an appointment, grocery shop, ship off items, clean the house, wash the laundry, pick up medicine, pay bills and the list goes on and on. I absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! But despite what people think, the job is not easy-peasy. Sure, I get to make my own hours (not really because I have a toddler) and be my own boss, but have you ever tried to cram all of this stiff into one day..with a toddler, and try to make it back home in time to make dinner? And what if the baby is sick? That’s a whole different story. It’s tough! But it is manageable if you take the right steps.

  1. Prayer and The Word. This is practically a no brainer. But start each morning off with prayer and reading the Bible. Even if it’s just a scripture! But do your best to set aside at least 10 minutes a day for prayer and reading the Bible. You can’t go wrong with starting your day off with God.
  2. Coffee. Well, I say coffee because that’s MY go to when it comes to waking me up in the morning — or I have a little rotten boy who wakes me up with pokes to the eyes and kisses! However, some people prefer tea over coffee. I like both and will take either because they are both equally delicious and do their job so very well. So tip #2, get some caffeine in your system!
  3. Prioritize. Figure out what the most important things are to do for that day and put them at the top of your list. Determine the importance of each task by figuring out what needs to be done first, second, third, and so on. That Nordstrom Early-Access sale can wait until AFTER the most important stuff is done (yes, easier said than done!). On a serious note, this is one of the most import steps. Make a list and prioritize.
  4. Positivity. Don’t be negative. Don’t think negative thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people and things! You won’t be successful at anything you try to accomplish if you are negative in your actions and thinking. End of story. So do the right thing and be positive!
  5. Tackle the Big Stuff First. Whether its a task that needs to be done that day like filling out FAFSA (for all y’all college students), grocery shopping for the week (yes, that can be scary), or its a long term goal like being debt free, don’t be afraid to tackle and work through this task. Yes, it may seem daunting and scary, but you know in the end it will be beneficial to you! Again, if you approach it with a positive attitude, it will help you in achieving that goal. Knowing that you CAN accomplish important tasks in your personal life will impact you greatly when it comes to your success.
I hope these steps will help you in your life! Coming from a young woman and a mom, I know what it can be like to feel overwhelmed, but hopefully these tips will help make it a little easier to get stuff done!