5 Tips for Effective & Intentional Daily Devotions

February 26, 2015


As Christian women, we often find that we have a love-hate relationship with them. At least I do, but maybe I’m just being too brutally honest.

Through the years I’ve found there are times in my life when I have looked forward to each day’s time in Scripture and spending time with Jesus, but there have also been times when I have dreaded opening Leviticus and reading page after page of…wait — what’s in that book anyway?! (kidding. kidding! )

I recently moved my cozy reading chair from my bedroom into the corner of the living room, in between the fireplace and the piano. And since that change a few months ago, I have enjoyed my devotions more than ever! It just seems to be “the spot”; I look forward to my morning tea, coffee or smoothie, wrapping up in a cozy blanket and just reading Scripture, journaling, and being at peace with the morning light.

Perhaps you were like me: struggling to find a time, space, or the moment when you would look forward to that quiet time alone with Jesus. If so, today’s post is dedicated to giving you inspiration on how to vamp up those devotions to make it a part of your day that you anticipate!

1. create your own spot

I promise, a special place for your daily devotions is critical. Even if you don’t like a monotonous routine, having a certain place designated specifically for your devotions will be like reassuring comfort. Rearrange a cozy chair in front of a large window if you enjoy being close to nature, put it in a small, dark corner if you get distracted easily. Put the technology away, brew a cup of tea, get a small snack — do something to make that spot identifiable in your mind as “yours.”

2. be creative

While there is so much to the Bible that it is entirely impossible to not get something new from it every day, the same reading pattern day after day, year after year can prove to be rather, well, boring. Don’t fall into the trap of reading your Bible through only cover to cover in a year or even chronologically. Those methods of reading Scripture are great, but why not develop a pattern suited to your personality! In January, I decided to only read through some of the minor prophets’ books that I often found myself dozing through. After I had committed to actually reading those books and not just getting through them, I discovered a wealth of beautiful truths and heart-stirring accounts.

Join — or better yet, create your own — group of women who meet on bi-weekly or monthly basis to share your hearts and devotions with each other and reflect on God’s Word together.

3. use additional resources

As a society of materialistic-driven humans, we spend money constantly on the most ridiculous purchases. Invest some of that cash into a journal, devotional, or other materials to read alongside your Bible. I have included fiction works related to Biblical women (like Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love) to my readings and then read the related passages of Scripture at the same time. For single women, including books like Preparing to be a Help Meet (Debi Pearl), Captivating (John & Stasi Eldredge), and Passion and Purity (Elisabeth Elliot) are beautiful resources of encouragement, hope and purpose.

I am currently reading the Joyce Meyer Every Day Life Amplified Bible (as pictured above!), and using the Question & Answer a Day: 5 Year Journal to chronicle thoughts, ideas, and personal growth. The journal simply asks a question every day, and over the course of a five year period, each question will have been answered five times. It is a great way to see how we change as time passes!

She Reads Truth is a lovely website that offers new season-appropriate, women-friendly devotions on a regularly basis; along with gorgeous (and free!) lock screen wallpapers on the mobile app, the devotions are poignant, timely, and come in adorable packages if you order the hard copies!

4. engage your mind.

Whether you’re a morning or evening devo kinda gal, always look for a truth to ponder throughout your day or even the following day. Remember to engage your mind and thoughts into what you are doing. Be present in your devotions. Be intentional as you read the Bible and look for scriptures that stand out to you. Be prepared for writing with a pretty gel pen or Sharpie, colorful post-it notes for cross referencing, and a bookmarker for each book you’re using to help you keep your place. Underline in your Bible, jot thoughts down immediately, journal revelations right away that way you don’t forget them — even if it means you have to re-read a passage to get back into the reading!

5. keep in mind that the whole purpose of daily devotions is to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Not every conversation you have with your friend is the same, and neither is each devotion going to be the same. They may not always follow the same pattern: you may read and write little one day, whereas the next day two verses give you the most crazy amazing inspiration for a Bible study that you spend the majority of your time writing instead of reading. Allow yourself plenty of time for this — don’t stick your devotions in a space of time that you know will get interrupted on a consistent basis. Let this be your time to be alone with your Savior.

What are your favorite ways to effectively and intentionally engage in your daily devotions? Do you have a special method that you follow on a daily basis, a certain Bible, or a book you like to use as a complement? I would love to hear how you cultivate your relationship with Jesus on a daily basis in the comments below!