5 Tips for Living Intentionally Everyday

August 18, 2016

So many of us get swallowed up into the void of busy and engagements that we sometimes overlook the chance we have to live our lives intentionally every single day!

I am the first to be found guilty of this, and so many times I have to refocus and direct my energies towards the things that I know hold value and are actually important. The things that will draw me nearer to Jesus, and help me keep a Kingdom minded attitude.

  1. Start your day off right with prayer and encouragement. I am the first to admit that I am not a morning person! I love the idea of it, but making it happen is not the easiest of things. That being said, everyone needs some motivation and encouragement to get their day started off right! Set aside 15 minutes to encourage yourself in the Lord and read a bible passage, talk to God, and listen to what he has to say! If you’re running behind schedule or are simply in a rush, don’t simply brush it aside, but do this in the car! Put on some worship music, have yourself a praise session in the car on your way to school or work and watch your day instantly get better. Your morning grogginess will dissipate sooner than with any cup of  coffee. You will exit that car feeling like you can conquer the day because you know who is on your side, and you know you are His.
  2. Be conscientiously kind to EVERYONE. Especially the people that don’t deserve it. There will always be people who will not like you regardless of how hard you try to please them, but that is no excuse to treat them unkindly. In being kind we are demonstrating God’s unconditional love and that could be the key to help them see Jesus’ light. Being kind to the person others put down and want nothing to do with is exemplifying Christ in the purest form. Stand up for those that are too bashful or even unable to stand up for themselves.
  3. Enjoy life’s imperfect moments. In a world that is so image centered and filters everything that they project to the world, remind yourself that real life is not perfect. We are not perfect. Don’t feel subjected to the unrealistic pressures of perfection, when it is but an illusion. Instead enjoy the yummy latte that spilled slightly over the edge and isn’t Instagram worthy. Enjoy a car ride with the windows down and windblown tangles in your hair. Enjoy the day you’ve been given and delight yourself in each moment.
  4. Make time for face to face interaction with loved ones. It’s the people we love most that we disregard the most sometimes. Our parents, siblings, and close friends are sometimes put on the furthest corner of our minds as we engage in the daily routine and accomplish our menial tasks. But at the end of the day, did you take some time to connect with those you treasure most? Did you ask them about their day? See how they are feeling? Make them feel loved and treasured? We take our loved ones for granted so many times that we sometimes forget that we are not guaranteed to have another day. So make sure and tell them you love them every single day!
  5. Preach Jesus everywhere you go. No, you don’t have to stand at a corner with a megaphone and shout verses at people passing by. You can preach Jesus simply through your character. Through your patience with those around you. Through the love you give to everyone equally, strangers and acquaintances. Through your uplifting and encouraging of brethren, and by living a life of purpose. Most people in this world are searching for their purpose, trying to find their niche and where they belong. When they see you, you should exude purpose and when you do so, you are showing the world what a wonderful life it is living for Jesus in his marvelous light.

I encourage every single one of you to make a conscientious effort in living a life of passion and purpose. Living our lives unashamedly and intentionally.