5 Ways to be Intentionally Present For Christmas

December 22, 2016

It’s officially only 3 days until Christmas, and I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by!

For some of you, family time has already begun. Others will be traveling, near and far, to celebrate Christmas day with friends and family. For many families the holidays are the only time they’re able to all gather together.

This year I’ve been impatiently waiting to seeing my siblings and their kiddos.

As I mentioned earlier, this year passed by so quickly and I, for one, don’t want this holiday season slip away. I want to enjoy every minute of it.

Christmas morning, my family gets up to open presents together. I love opening presents — who doesn’t?! But, I honestly love giving other people presents even more than I love opening them myself.

Every year there’s usually talk about not getting carried away. After all, most of the family is traveling, which costs a bit, and as the family grows… well, so can the spending if we don’t make the necessary adjustments.

I’m sure most of you have heard this from a parent or grandparent, but my mom always says she just wants us all to be together. Now, she loves presents more than I do… so, that’s saying a lot!

It’s true, though.

Just being together is a gift in itself! However, I think we can take it step further.

Let’s be present for Christmas this year!

Don’t let the holiday season, or just Christmas day if that’s all you have together, pass by without being present and enjoying every second.

5 Ways to Be Present for Christmas


1. Put the phone down.

We all have that friend that stays glued to the cell phone: no. matter. what.

They don’t even realize that the people who are sitting around the table with them would love to have that attention; even if only for a few moments.

It’s easy to get distracted by Facebook and Instagram during the holidays! Everyone is posting their magical Christmas pictures and sharing what’s on their mind.

But all those posts will still be there after the family has gone home.

Rather than keeping up with everyone else or trying to capture and share the perfect Christmas moments, put your phone down and enjoy those magical moments.

2. Play games.

When my family gets together, we love to play games! It’s a great way to connect and do something fun with each other.

Some of our favorite games to play are Bang!, and Monopoly. The guys usually revert back to their teenage years end up playing Age of Empires or Xbox as well.

The Christmas Game is another fun way to make Christmas day special. I haven’t personally played this yet, but I’ve heard from friends who have, and they love it!

3. Have meaningful conversations.

Some family members we don’t see very often. While social media has allowed us to keep up-to-date on what everyone’s up to, it’s a very poor substitution for real, face-to-face conversation.

This Christmas, take the time to visit with loved ones you don’t see often, especially your parents and grandparents.

Time is so precious and many of us have family members who are no longer joining us for the holidays. Think about that for a second and I’m sure you’ll want to slow down and simply have conversations with those you love.

4. Start a new tradition.

Traditions are always a great way to bond with your family.

As your family grows and changes, start new traditions.

Over the last few years, little ones have joined our holiday fun. Having kids changes the Christmas dynamic and it’s fun to start doing things that put the focus on them.

Some of you may not have many traditions, and you may be starting something new as your family grows. Make plans to start something special your family will look forward to every year.

5. Acknowledge the real reason for the season.

Throughout this holiday season, it’s important to remember the one we’re celebrating. Drawing close to Jesus as a family is sure to bring yours closer together.

There are several ways to make Jesus the center of your holiday celebrations. You can read the Christmas story together, sing your favorite Christmas hymns and worship songs, or have a time of family prayer.

I know one family that has a Christmas service together each year. What a special way to bond with your family and spend time giving praise and thanks to Jesus for coming to this earth that night, long ago.

Whatever your plans are this year, make sure you take it all in and enjoy every precious memory made.

This year, be intentionally present for Christmas.