5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Work-From-Home Space

May 11, 2020 · by Brittani Scott

My husband and I have been working from home for quite some time.

While we pastor a church, he also works full time for a marketing agency. He’s at a computer during business hours, in meetings, writing, managing a team … So, we’ve always had an office space set aside for him. He works hard, and he deserves it!

I, on the other hand, do a lot of random things I like to call work. I write, design graphics, make music, host a podcast, manage an online worship conference and annual music tour, and chase whatever exciting idea happens to pop into my head on a given day.

I believe you’d call me a multi-passionate creative. It’s both fun and exhausting! Ha!

All that to say, at the beginning of the year my husband decided my days working on the couch or at the dining table were over. It was time to have a dedicated workspace that inspired creativity -- a place I enjoyed working in.

During this “stay-at-home” season, many of you have found yourselves working at home. And for some, this #WFH lifestyle might end up a permanent thing as companies realize that working remotely can be successful and save them money.

Whether you’re at a desk, counter, or a table, you should make your work from home space a place you enjoy being for up to 8 hours a day.

Based on my #WFH experience, I wanted to share some tips with you.

5 Ways To Make the Most of Your Work-From-Home Space

1. Clear the clutter.

    It’s important to start your workday with a clean space.

    Clutter isn’t conducive to creativity or focus, but a clean space is so refreshing. So, if you’re at a desk or table, make sure it’s cleared of any clutter before you get started.

    And don’t just clear the workspace; make sure you’re working in a clean environment.

    My office is actually in a corner of our bedroom. It’s actually helped me make my bed every morning (I never was a great bed-maker) and keep my room clean. When my environment is messy, I’m less productive (and just less inclined to work in general).

    You might have to start the night before with a quick clean-up routine, but before you start working, clear the clutter.

    2. Dress for success.

    It’s all too easy to stay in the PJs or throw on a comfy hoodie. After all, who’s going to see you? You’re just at home, right?

    The truth is, dressing for success is more about the way it makes us feel.

    The days I stay in my jammies, I don’t really get much done. But the days I get dressed for work, I get a lot accomplished. It impacts my mood and helps set the expectation for my day.

    So if you want to get the most out of your work-from-home space, dress like it!

    A friendly reminder, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. It is possible to feel put-together and comfortable at the same time.

    You can always find some new, cute options at Peony St. Boutique. (And for under $50!)

    3. Set the mood.

    For work?

    Yes! Set the mood for work.

    You want to create a space you actually enjoy being in. (Keep in mind that space shouldn’t be on the couch or bed.)

    Wherever your space is, add a personal touch. Even if it’s at the kitchen table.

    Think about lighting your favorite candle, setting out a bouquet of fresh flowers or a succulent … whatever makes it feel a little more lovely to you.

    Turn on some music! Some days it’s smooth jazz (ok, pretty much every day for me), and other days is something with a little more energy. There are lots of “work/study music” playlists or videos on YouTube to choose from.

    Pay attention to the way your space is lit.

    My desk is right by a large window, and I love the natural light. If you’re not able to be next to a window, then find a place that’s well lit or add a lamp to your workspace.

    4. Remove distractions.

    Ok. I know that for some number four should read, reduce distractions. But whatever you have to do to be mostly distraction-free, do it.

    Put your phone on silent. Or, better yet, in another room.

    Set a specific time during the workday to check (or browse) social media or take that mental break, then stick to it.

    If you have kids at home, plan your workday around their school time, playtime, screen time, nap time, help-from-your-spouse time … you get the picture. Instead of fighting distractions, work around them. If and when you’re able to, plan your work during the least distracting times.

    And if you make sure your environment is clean the night before, you won’t be distracted by the urge to clean. As silly as that sounds, doing household chores is a real way we resist doing the work that actually needs our attention.

    5. Enjoy it!

    Enjoy what?


    Enjoy this experience.

    Don’t spend your “work-from-home” season wishing you could go back to an office or wherever it is you call work.

    Enjoy this time for what it is -- a temporary season. You may actually find some joy in it! Yes, even if you’d rather go to work.

    Determine to look for the good and lovely things about working from home. Make the most of it!

    If you’re working from home in this season, how are you making the most of it? Join the conversation over on Instagram!

    Brittani Scott

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