A Balanced Life

January 15, 2015

I’ve been inspired to start 2015 on a healthier note. As women, we tend to lean towards fad diets, the latest no-sugar craze, or the most recent “lose 10 pounds in 5 days” methods. But I’ve decided that this year, I’m not worried about any of those. I’m more concerned about eating in a healthy, balanced way that I can sustain throughout the whole year. I want my body to be healthy so that I’ll see improvement in my overall quality of life.

I’ve decided to focus on three main areas:


1. Water Intake: Professionals recommend drinking 64 oz. of water daily in order to maintain body weight, improve digestion, skin imperfections and overall health. It’s really quite easy – it breaks down to 8 eight oz. glasses of water p/day, and if you use a reusable water bottle of some kind, it can be easy to drink down two of those glasses at a time. I’ve found the easiest way for me is to use my Camelbak Eddy bottle. Somehow the straw makes it less time consuming to literally suck down all that water. (The bottle shown is glass and contains 24 oz. of water – three glasses at one swoop!)


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2. Whole Foods: I started the beginning of this week with a Pressed Juicery 3-day juice cleanse. (I’ve never wanted to chew so badly in my life! Viva la Thursday!) It’s the beginning of my journey to eating whole foods. Foods that are low on processed sugar, flour and processes of any kind, and filling those spaces with real food such as vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. It’s important to find balance in what we eat, because our bodies reflect what we put in them. When I load my body down with white food, starches, sugars, flours and dairy, it shows the lack of general nutrients. My personal goal is more greens…oh joy!

Green Smoothies have become a craze over the last few years, and while I have to admit they are healthy, I’m definitely not a fan. I’m learning what I like and what I don’t like – and more importantly – what is actually healthy and necessary to absorb into my system daily. This Detox Smoothie from the green forks looks like it would be delicious, but I really love the break-down of each ingredient too! (I recently tasted the Thornton at Whole Foods Juice Bar and it was great! A combination of kale, vanilla protein powder, pineapple, and mango. Yummy!)


3. Balanced Living:  If I have time to sit down and read a book, a blog or spend time on Instagram, I also have time to do an exercise regime, take a walk outside or a quick hike. My 9-5 job is very sedentary and as a result, my circulation seems to be lacking and I’m just generally lethargic. To add back energy into my life, movement is vital. A few of my recent resources are the 7-minute workout app, Michelle Myers Christian Workout Playlist,Burst Club. I find that quick workouts tend to be best for me, because I end them feeling energized, accomplished and still motivated to do other things.

On the other hand, I can’t just spend time working out either, it’s important to have time with Jesus and Bible reading. I’m currently reading quite a few books and also like to supplement my quiet time with a devotional such as Oasis Moments (written by Apostolic women for Apostolic women). 

Lastly, I’ve decided that even while I’m working towards a healthier lifestyle, I’m also going to give myself grace in these endeavors. It may work for some to go straight cold-turkey off of sugar or processed foods. For me, it seems to make me crave it even more. If I give myself the grace to have a cheat day, or one type of sugar in a day (fruit, dark chocolate, etc.) I’m less overwhelmed.

Ultimately, in eating healthy, every individual has to do what works for them. What works best for you? Maybe you’re an organic lover like me, or perhaps just eating the food pyramid works for you better. Give yourself the discipline to pursue improvement and the grace to indulge – it’s all in finding balance.

photos 1 & 3: personal photos