A Fashion Sting for Spring

May 15, 2015

Throughout spring, the mailbox fills with envelopes that are more than just payments and advertisements. It’s the time of year for graduation ceremonies and open houses, weddings, baby showers, just a simple day trip or an outside gathering with friends and family. With all these events comes the haunting decision of what to wear!

After all, we all want to present ourselves at any occasion well-dressed but hassle-free. I have an answer for that question for your spring outings that will wipe away any fear of the dressing room!

Spring Fashion | She's Intentional

The Cardigan.

To make choosing an outfit more simple, start with one piece and work from there. This might entail a couple of trial and error moments, but I assure you that you’ll end with a lovely result. I initially started with one of my favorite skirts and simply began mixing and matching.  After several of my own trial and error moments of coupling pieces together, I finally established a fashionable outfit with one of my favorite sweaters. This particular cardigan is one of my favorites because its one of those put-on-and-go pieces when you’re in a rush.

Embellished cardigans such as this you can truly pair with just about anything. Dark jean skirts, summer dress, or even a full cotton skirt would be perfect for this type of sweater. It’s certainly a piece that you want to incorporate in your closet for just about any season. However, you wouldn’t want to necessarily over-do it with pieces that are already embellished as it would bring much busyness to the outfit. There are a lot of different paths I could have chosen for an underneath blouse. You could layer it with the same shade of green as the flower embellishments, but I am a big fan of layering tan on white. It’s that classic secondary color that you can never go wrong with to completing an outfit to perfection.

The Skirt.

Since this skirt is solid orange, it helps to make the orange in the cardigan pop a bit more and to bring some pizzazz to the overall outfit. I also layered a white skirt extender underneath for extra length. For those who are a bit taller, as I am, I encourage you to invest in skirt extenders. Skirt extenders are great pieces to use for extra length but also fun if you just simply enjoy layering. I purchased them in versatile colors such as white, creme, and black and have found myself using them with most of my wardrobe.  Not only are they a complete life-saver for modesty, but they also add a nice touch of style.  You can find these exclusive skirt extenders at Dainty Jewell’s in several colors.

Spring Fashion | She's Intentional


My philosophy on full skirts is that they look better or more flattering with pointed-toed heels. It creates a whole new dimension of sophistication to an outfit.  I generally wear plain pointed-toe heels with several dressy outfits for a classier touch.  This outfit would also look good with close-toed flats or wedges.  Mixing colors nicely together with an ensemble is key.  If fashion isn’t quite your area of expertise, start off with mixing solids together and spruce it up with a touch of design, which would be ideal.

Little dainty purses such as this one is simply perfect for this kind of weather.  I opt for this one as the shades of color matched exquisitely.  I found this snazzy accessory while traveling in Amsterdam.  However, I find most of my purses or small clutches at TJ Maxx and SteinMart.  You don’t have to put a big hole in your wallet for the sake of being fashionable.  Creating your own sense of style, knowing what to look for, and where to look as is the answer to it all.

Spring Fashion | She's Intentional

I hope you ladies enjoyed these tips and tricks for creating a fun and dressy outfit for those spring outings this season. Your mailboxes will be filled with invitations for many events, so attend them in an attire that is blossoming with a modest cheer and character.

Remember: don’t just wear a pretty outfit, but wear it with a warm smile, poise, and confidence! Dressing fashionably modest is not sacrifice by far, but a privilege. Dressing modestly isn’t exclusive to the material aspect but also includes possessing a modest attitude!