A Grateful Heart

April 01, 2016



Sometimes we get busy with life and forget to be thankful about the little things. Well, let me rephrase that. We KNOW that we are thankful for the things that we have and all that we have been blessed with, but sometimes, we have to sit down and acknowledge it. 

I know I’m guilty of doing this.  I get so busy and caught up with life that I forget to look around and remember everything God has given to me. I see the times that He has brought me through struggles, those times when it all seemed impossible. But  God ALWAYS comes through. He has given me more than I could have ever  imagined!

 So, here is a little tip. Start EVERY DAY with prayer (of course), and a grateful heart. Think of five things you’re thankful for in that very moment. Thinking of those things will help start your day with a smile!  If you find yourself thinking of negative things going on throughout the day—whether it be in your life or in the world—do your best NOT to dwell on it. Instead, think of all of the positive things going on around you. As you fall asleep at night, fill your thoughts with positive things, and again, the things that fill your heart with gratitude. 
Being thankful for the things around you and your blessings is a powerful thing and gives you power. Being thankful can completely change your attitude for that day. When you have a positive attitude, you have the power make the environment around you positive and influence those around you as well. So begin and end every day with a thankful attitude!