A Love Story: Pink, Plaid, and a Ballet

February 18, 2019

February is a special month to me. Not only is it the month of love, but it’s also my wedding anniversary!

This year was extra special because my husband and I celebrated five years of being married. As I reflected over all of the memories in the past five years, I began to cry. There had been a lot of hard times and scary times, but most importantly, there had also been some incredible moments, too — like the births of our children. I felt an overwhelming sense of thankfulness as I reflected on the past, and I knew that my life wouldn’t have been complete without my husband, Preston, by my side.

To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, my husband called me and told me to be ready by 5:15 PM. He said it was a surprise, but to dress up. That being said, I had no idea what he had planned for the night, but I got ready and off we went.

When I was getting ready, I knew I wanted to wear something pink, red, or at least something in the family of those colors. I chose a bold, statement jacket from Topshop. Since the jacket had all the color, I wanted the rest to be muted and toned down. I went with a classic black turtleneck and a high-waisted faux leather skirt. To keep the outfit fun and quirky without being too crazy, I chose black tights with a two-sided design, solid on one side and fishnet on the other side. To tie in the jacket and shoes, I went with a cream heeled bootie with a metallic gray heel. I didn’t want to just wear a black shoe since the rest of my outfit was black. For my hair, I did a sleek, high bubble pony tail. Girls, this is a SUPER easy and fun hairstyle to do!

It had been raining all day—actually all week—and I hadn’t been out, so I was definitely excited for a date night with my husband. He took me downtown to a nice, romantic restaurant called Esquire Grille. We had never been there, but it was exceptional! After dinner, he surprised me with tickets to go see a ballet performance of Hamlet. It was definitely an anniversary to remember! 

How was your Valentine’s Day? What’s been your most memorable date? Let me know about it in the comments!