A Maxi Dress for a Summer Day in New York City

August 10, 2017

Any other New York City lovers out there in the She’s Intentional community? That place has my heart, I’m telling you. The hustle-bustle-go-go-go, the darling coffee shops, the quaint store fronts, and the people. ALL THE PEOPLE. It’s just an extremely special place in the world to me.

But girlfriends: that place is hot hot hot in July, so this super lightweight, flowy maxi dress was the perfect all-day dress to traipse around the city in. My shoes were a fun clearance find at my local DSW for a whopping $22 (Dave Ramsey + my budget loved that)! My bag is an ancient TJMaxx buy that I can’t seem to part with because it’s a great mix of big + crossbody styles.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to travel to NYC yet, put it on your bucket list and make it happen!

Dress (sold out) | Shoes | Bag (Steven Madden, no longer available) | Images by Grow Lovely Photography