A Modern Take On The Bohemian Trend

February 05, 2016

Trends — a word that has caused me so many regrets (you know those moments when you look at your twelve year old self in pictures), a sense of resignation when I realize that I’ll never actually catch up, and confusion because (if I’m being honest) fashion is often an enigma of overwhelming proportions.

Yet, for all of its ambiguity, if approached correctly, trends can contribute to rather than discombobulate one’s style. Therein lies the key: trends are meant to contribute to one’s fashion rather than create it. The pursuit of trendiness is futile –trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

And so let’s talk about this Bohemian trend of which I am such a fan. Not only does it allow for modesty with its free-flowing skirts and dresses, but it also provides an opportunity for comfort.

Comfortable and modest? Dear Whoever-Is-Controlling-the-Fashion-World, keep this trend alive as long as you like!

This particular dress from Zara was an instant eye-catcher with its loose cut and patchwork pattern. I’m convinced that every item of clothing has a story to tell, and this dress spoke of adventure.

Because this dress was so bold, I accessorized with neutral tones in an attempt to balance and also to make the outfit mine by incorporating pieces of my day-to-day style. The black velvet shoes and black hat from Dillard’s coordinated to create a veritable blank canvas on which the dress could pop.

The leather bucket bag by Fossil tied the leather braid of the hat into the outfit while also contributing to the relaxed vibe of the flowing dress.

Truthfully, this dress was a bit out of my comfort zone but when combined with standard pieces, I liked the overall outcome. And so I rest my case with trends: the goal, ladies, should be to incorporate them into your style — not to allow them to take over your style.