A Monochromatic Outfit For Every Occasion

January 03, 2017

Black Clothing: The pieces that blend into the background while your statement pieces shine, the pieces that you use as a last resort because nothing else will go, and, well, my favorite pieces of clothing.

There’s a reason why black clothing predominates our wardrobes, and there’s a reason why black clothing is appropriate for every occasion-it’s classic, it’s not a trend. Nothing says chic and urban streetwear like an all-black outfit.

With monochromes themes, think mix-and-matching, but with textures and pattern, rather than color.

A simple, ribbed turtleneck from JCrew paired with a pleated, leather skirt by WhoWhatWear provided the foundation for a textured piece, like the “Teddy Bear Jacket” from Target to shine.

Completed by contrasting the patterned tights and patterned purse by Kate Landry, the outfit was coffee-date ready, New Years Eve ready, or even meeting ready.

Monochromatic can be as interesting as it is fabulous.