A Quick Sunday Updo

February 18, 2022 · by Hannah Graley

Sundays for many of us can be the longest (and best) day of the week! 
my Sunday looks a little like this— music practice at 8:15, prayer at 9, classes at 10, and worship service at 11. Then, for some of us, we come back at 6 PM for an evening service. A busy day calls for a quick but polished hairstyle! That’s why I have been doing this bun so frequently. It makes getting ready so much easier and quicker, which I am all about these days!

I only use three bobby-pins, a hair elastic, and hairspray. Curling is optional, but I like to curl mine for Sundays.

I hope this helps you ladies! Keep doing what you’re doing for the Kingdom. Lives are being changed because of your sacrifice.

Hugs and blessings.

Hannah Graley

About Hannah Graley

Hannah Graley is a young stay-at-home mom to two beautiful babies. She is married to her soulmate, Joel. She grew up in Indiana. She is active in her church and has been involved in both music ministry and children’s ministry. You can find Hannah on Instagram as @graleyhannah