A Series: Back

June 22, 2018

Hey, beauties,

I hope you had a fantastic week and you’re ready to continue rockin’ into the weekend!

Remember, the weekend isn’t the time to quit your best habits. It’s a part of life, therefore – it should be a part of your lifestyle!

When I was almost 17, my spine collapsed within the span of a month. I had emergency surgery three days after my 17th birthday because at that point my organs were being displaced. They placed two rods and twelve screws in there, and by the grace of God, I am able to stay active! I have always placed a huge emphasis on keeping my core and back strong, and that’s exactly what the doctors told me to keep doing after my surgery.

So today we are going to talk about one of my favorite muscles: your back! As women, it is so important to keep our backs strong as we are so predisposed to bone deterioration and back issues — though this is also one of the muscles we neglect to train. Our back is one of the largest muscles in our bodies, so when we train it, we are burning even more calories! There are several different muscles included in our back, and this workout will cover all of them.

I have always had the mantra of “where our bones fail, our muscles take over.” Even with herniated disks throughout my back, the muscle there always manage to take the brunt of the work.

(Photographer: Rebecca Bowley)

So ladies, let’s get down to it!


  • Dumbbell back rows 8-12 reps  x3
  • Reverse Back Flys 8-12 reps  x3
  • Bird Dog 10 second hold each side  x3  (click HERE for instructions)
  • Superman pose 20 seconds  x3


  • Plank 20-60 seconds  x3
  • Dumbbell back rows (or using household items) 10-12 reps  x3
  • Bird Dog 10 second hold each side  x3
  • Superman pose 20 seconds  x3


This workout is great for helping posture and all-around back care — so try to implement it at least once a week! I hope you lovelies enjoy and remember: it’s not a sprint, it’s a lifestyle!

XO with lots of coffee, donuts, and a paper to write,