A series: Triceps

May 25, 2018

(Photographer: Rebecca Bowley)

Hey, you snazzy human!

I am so excited to talk about today’s topic! It is one of the muscles that we, as women, ignore the most (or just aren’t quite as educated on the topic as we should be!).

You see, triceps are the muscles on the back of our arms that give the appearance of a “horseshoe.” You know — that area that we tend to complain about because we think it’s too flabby? Most of us are well acquainted with biceps but don’t know much about how to work our triceps — but that’s okay, because I’m here to spit some knowledge!

Triceps are used in everyday life to push things (like furniture), push yourself up and off of a chair, complete a push-up, and so much more. They also make a fabulous appearance once we start working them regularly — just saying! It is important to have overall balanced strength in our arms and to recognize that our arms are comprised of several different muscles. So let’s get down to business!

Here is your workout!


  • 10-15 Tricep Chair dips  x3
  • 5-12 (per arm) Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks  x3
  • 5-10 Side-lying Ticep push-up  x3
  • 5-10 Diamond push-ups (modified or regular)  x3


  • 10-15 Cable rope Tricep extensions  x3
  • 10-15 Cable straight-bar Tricep extensions  x3
  • 5-12 Dumbbell Tricep kickbacks  x3
  • 10-15 weighted Tricep bench dips  x3


I hope you lovelies enjoy this workout, and don’t forget to kill it! You are amazing, awe-inspiring, and all around dazzling.

XO with so much love to you beauties!