A Splash of Color and Coffee

March 26, 2015

I love all things technology.

But I must admit that nothing compares to holding a physical book in my hand. While my son naps I escape into a serene world with every page turned and sip of coffee I take.

It is pure bliss, my friends.

I recently received the latest issue of the Anthropologie Home catalog. I was captivated and inspired by the vibrant colors and immediately set out to add colorful additions to my home wherever possible.


Let’s talk about the most boring area in my home: my dining room buffet. I have stared at this area for a while now with little to no inspiration on how to spruce it up, until the Anthro Home catalog came. The issue is full of flowers being displayed in unexpected ways like in a pitcher or a tea cup. I loved it, but hated the price tag. You know me, I’m always looking for a bargain.

I set off to the Habitat Restore and found a stunning vintage pitcher at the wonderful price of $3. I could definitely swing $3.


While the pitcher is gorgeous on its own, I really wanted to add some type of flair or color to it so it stood out from the wall it would sit in front of. I seriously debated this after looking on the bottom of the pitcher and seeing the date “1934” etched on the bottom. I figured it had lived a good long life and I may even be its final owner. I took the plunge.


I had some metallic gold Martha Stewart craft paint laying around and decided to go for a dripping look. I lined the bottom with gold paint and let it drip for about 45 minutes and then I turned it right side up to dry. I didn’t want it to look perfect. I wanted it to be art and I am thrilled with out it turned out.



I rearranged and mixed up some items from around my house to restyle my dining buffet. It’s still a work in progress, but the added color definitely boosts my spirits and makes me feel the warmth of spring.