A Spritz of Glam

March 03, 2016

While scouring through the endless pins on Pinterest, I have discovered that I am immediately drawn to accent pieces with just a touch of glam.

Whether it’s a pair of unusual shoes, a dress in a texturized fabric (oh how I do love texture!), or a bright piece of artwork. This also applies for household items and decorations. I am usually not very proactive when it comes to getting around to actually trying out my Pinterest projects, but these are definitely some that I want to get around to this spring when the warmer weather allows me to be outside. As all of these projects involve spray paint, this could get very messy, but the end results are too glam to pass up!

Ok, this desk space. Both the rug and the stool initially caught my eye, but then there is this shelving! I am beginning to be a fan of open shelving and I just love the gold here. This could easily be replicated with a bottle of gold spray paint and some regular metal shelves.

The words chic, fabulous, and sophisticated all come to mind when I look at this image. Once again, a simple splash of gold makes something that could be simple or boring into a statement piece. The main concept is keeping the items functional while amping up their glam factor. Now that I think about it, I might have to spice up my piano bench!

This project simply requires an object (the options are endless!) that you want to glam up. It could be a tape dispenser, any plastic animal toys, picture frames, knobs, whatever you want! Decorating with fun pieces like this to add some personality to your space instantly.

A Spritz of Glam | Pinterest Home Decor Inspo by @KimberDulsi for @ShesIntentional

image via Poppy Talk

Spray paint something you were considering throwing away and repurpose it. While thrifting, keep an eye out for things with an interesting shape, pattern, or design that you can make your own. Spray paint is an easy fix-me-up to cover any small imperfections on those items you’ve always had and hate to replace. This bathroom “makeover” is one of my favorites so far!

A Spritz of Glam | Pinterest Home Decor Inspo by @KimberDulsi for @shesIntentional

image via Bloglovin’

I am a collector of quotes and motivational phrases. That being said, I enjoy little reminders throughout my day, and wall art is the way to go here! I love how the gold letters above really stand out and also how they have been placed. Another way to decorate with wall art is to make your own canvas painting and write a quote or inspirational phrase on it.

Who knew glam came in a can? What things do you have on hand that could benefit from a quick spritz of gold? And not only gold, but any color to match a theme or color scheme throughout your house! Let us know what projects you’ll have up your sleeve by tagging #ShesIntentional on Instagram or commenting below!