A Statement Piece Outfit

August 17, 2016

Nautical Color Schemes: I have yet to meet a person who is not apart of this fandom.
Capelets: Yes please, I’m all about that superhero/flowing-in-the-wind life.
Lace: Nothing like it to make one feel feminine and fabulous.
Grandad Collars: Absolutely, because everyone needs a tiny bit of hipster in their life.
Stripes: These are basically the oxygen of the fashion world.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that all of these things are marvelous statement pieces. Now let’s all sigh to ourselves about the fact that we cannot combine all of this marvelousness into one outfit.


The key, my friends, is to tone down what could be an overwhelming amount of “marvelous” by orienting the outfit around one statement piece and layering the others so that they become so subtle that they’re almost neutrals.

(That explanation barely makes sense to me, but let me try to show what I mean.)

For my focal point piece, I chose this intense nautical/striped caplet from Nordstrom. From this, I pulled the color scheme for the other pieces (navy and blue) which allows them to be layered effectively.

The navy, grandad collar shirt with subtle stripes and white, lace skirt from JCrew are somehow subtilized by the fact that they exactly match the colors of the jacket.

Finishing of the look, I chose a nude pair of heels by Gianni Bini and a jean clutch from XXI.

So the next time that you feel that all your needs is all your favorite pieces in a single outfit, follow your whim, it’s completely possible.