A Summer Skirt and Loose Change

June 06, 2014

Vintage floral is making a huge comeback from event invitations to home decor. Floral prints have also been very popular the last few years in fashion. I can’t get enough of it in my own wardrobe! So you can imagine my excitement when I recently found a light-weight floral summer skirt for the wonderful price of $1 at a local thrift store.

I didn’t have a shirt to match, so I set out to find something. My shirt to skirt ratio is always off balance. I’m working on that and in the process I went to my go to retail stop: Marshall’s. I found a Nautica navy and white stripe shirt for $15.99.


My shoes are Report brand, marked down at Ross from $40 to $15. I loved this shoe style for their classy casual look. I’m not a huge sandals person, so these flats were perfect with their cutouts, airy openness and versatility.


The brown leather Coach belt I paired with this outfit is one of my best friends to date. About two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long! Where does the time go?!), I was in Salvation Army. I had never noticed the 25 cent belt rack before that day and made my way over to it. I saw a brown leather woven belt, tried it, and bought it.

A week later, as I was putting the belt on, I noticed it was embossed with the brand name Coach. Coach! I called my mom. I posted a picture on Instagram. It was a day for the books, my friends!

Have you ever found a crazy, low mark-down? Or an awesome thrift store find similar to my Coach belt? I’d love to hear your frugal triumph in the comments below!