A Tour of an Old-World Styled Home

November 20, 2017

Have you ever met someone and thought, “THIS is the kind of person I want to be?” Have you ever met someone and simply admired them for the grace, generosity, and love that spills out of their life? Have you ever met someone and just been amazed by their talents?

That’s how I feel about Angela Ricci.

The first time I was in Seattle several years ago, I met this stunning Italian woman who dressed with the most impeccable style — she loves to wear hats; she plays the organ with such passion — such a talented musician; and makes the most delightful conversation.

This past summer I was honored to spend more time with Angela in her home, and she became even more precious to me. At that point I discovered she had yet another talent: pulling together the most unique pieces of furniture, artwork, and trinkets for home decor style.

As soon as I saw her home I knew I wanted to share it with all of you because it was just too lovely to NOT! Mark Gauthier, a Seattle-based photographer (and also Angela’s son!), was so kind to collaborate with us and shoot these gorgeous images of Angela’s home for us — so today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Angela Ricci and share her lovely home with you!

1. How do you explain your style of decorating?

    My style I would have to say is “Old World style with a splash of Vintage.” The hallmark of Old World design and style is a mix of distressed, matte and honed finishes. Whether I choose exquisite lighting or an eclectic piece of home décor, my tendencies are the lavish and lovely European look, known as this “Old World style” (I am very much “old school”!) As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

2. How do you decide what pieces you like and which ones work with your lifestyle?

    I am obsessed with lovely lighting! This is key and essential in my domain! While my place may be small, I still want romantic lighting that will reflect shadows and sparkles on my walls and ceilings. I look high and low for affordable and wonderful light fixtures. I bought a couple at a flea market in New York and I have ordered a funky fun chandelier from Turkey at a great price. Candles galore too … a must! Whether you own a grandiose home, or a lovely little abode —
    remember: spectacular lighting is everything! “Bellissima”!

An Interview with Angela Ricci

3. How did you get to be so creative with your decorating your personal space?

    I truly am a total dreamer! When I can’t sleep, I will literally lay there and think of the “nooks and crannies” in my home. I will create in my mind a lavish piece that just might fit in that certain area I am dreaming about. I dreamt up this fabulous ottoman and even drew a picture of it. Now the hunt begins! I told my friends what I was looking for, and began searching antique stores and online. Hunting for it was part of the thrill; waiting was the hard part, but was essential to get exactly what I wanted. I finally found the perfect, wine colored, velvet ottoman with tassels to the floor — it is my “conversation piece”!

4. What kind of advice and/or tips would you give other women who get overwhelmed with decorating their homes?

    Take your time! Look for that perfect piece, but it may take you a lot of leg work to find. Style and decisions in your home décor may take a long time. Don’t feel like you “have to” have each room decorated, like – right now! Get a vision, dream up something out of this world different and go for the gusto! It’s your home: “dare to be different” from anyone else! Once a year for my birthday, I take a day off and go trolling through different towns. I shop at the local antique and thrift stores with nothing in mind really, until I see it … then “perfecto” … it may be just the exact thing I have wanted to place in my home.

5. How would you suggest for them to find their own style in the modern world?

    “Your” style is who you are! Whether in your home, wardrobe or your personal touch, let it show and reflect you! Remember, don’t worry if it’s different than anyone else’s. I love a creative person who has a “funky” touch. I have always told my boys, I was definitely born in the wrong era, give me any day the 40’s and 50’s look! Become the look you love and run with it!