A Voyage in Sailing Fashion

June 26, 2015

July is the month of patriotic festivities!

The Fourth of July —  a holiday when the United States of America celebrates the Declaration of Independence that brought freedom and liberty to all. As the day is filled with enjoyable events such as cookouts, parades, games, picnics, family time, fireworks and happiness, we always want that cute yet casual outfit that is fun and festive.


As most Fourth of July outfits are printed with the American flag or fireworks, I decided to go with a bit more of the nautical, sailors look (much like Nicole’s outfit inspo post from yesterday!) that could easily work for a day at the lake or Independence Day!

This dress is literally one of my favorite and fun-to-wear pieces in my closet.  The sailor designs of anchors, ship wheels, and vertical stripes is too fun not to love! What I especially admire is the shade of red in this dress. It’s a rich and deep shade like a candy apple. I found this dress for a wallet-friendly price at Cactus Flower; to find one-of-a-kind pieces, it’s great to go to boutiques and thrift stores!


Hair ribbons are an accessory that I put with so many of my outfits. They really doll an outfit up. I make a lot of my own hair bows, which is what I did with this one.  They are über fun and extremely easy to make. Since there is so much red in the dress, I wanted my accessories to be navy and white. For a bold contrast, I complemented the ensemble with a navy and white striped purse trimmed in brown.

Other than the eye-catching dress, I love the fun patterns that are mixed together. Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to dressing up.  Anyone can put a dress on that’s fashionable. Piece of cake, right? But style, that’s only created by you. Not everyone is truly confident in stepping out of there box, but taking a voyage in fashion is where it all starts. You can still make a stunning fashion statement without sacrificing modesty!

Cotton dresses, such as this one, are my best friend during the summer.  While I do occasionally wear jean skirts and t-shirts, for the most part I wear cotton dresses as they’re easy, fun and girly with no layering required. For this outfit, I pulled a navy polka dot belt from a jacket in my closet and paired it with dress.


This summer, turn a not-so-cute outfit into a oh-so-cute outfit by simply mixing fun patterns together! Pairing anchors, stripes, and polka dots together for an outfit can really make it stylish and chic.  All the while keeping the color schemes neutral and not mismatched.  So sail out in a voyage of fashion this summer!

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DressCactus Flower | PurseShoe Show | BeltForever 21 |  Headband: handmade | Skirt Extender: Village Boutique

images courtesy of Sarah Higgins Photography