A Winter To Spring Transition Outfit

February 18, 2017

Warmer weather, greener scenery, and flowers-we’re transitioning into beautiful, fabulous Spring.

Yet, there are still in-between weather days, or days when you’re just not quite ready to surrender your tights or favorite suede shoes, so you try to find a way to do both.

My solution? A floral dress from Target that epitomizes Springtime (I mean, in my opinion) with its lightweight fabric, and dramatic, flowing cut, but also possessing just enough winter with its deep purple and black tones for me to get away with wearing it in early February.

Pairing this with some black tights and a gold/neutral suede shoes by Gianni Bini that bring out the bright flecks in the dress, I managed (or attempted) to allow for a peaceful union between the seasons.

Celebrate incoming flowers by wearing your favorite florals, but don’t feel forced to move on from Winter’s cozy layers and gorgeous fabrics just yet, set up a merger, your favorites, I have no doubt, will cooperate.