Ace Your Interview: Modest Attire Inspiration for Women

March 07, 2024 ยท by Andrea Long

You've graduated from high school or college, and now it's time for your dream job. Or maybe you're graduating this May and planning for your dream job. So, congratulations on landing that interview! Now it's time to pick an outfit that reflects your professionalism and confidence. For women who prefer modest dressing, creating a polished interview look can be just as stylish. Here are some tips and modest interview outfit ideas to inspire you:

Dress for Success:

  • The Power of Tailoring: A well-tailored outfit, whether a skirt suit or a dress with a blazer, elevates your entire look. Ensure clean lines and a comfortable fit that avoids being too tight or revealing.
  • Fabric Choice: Opt for professional fabrics that drape well. Wool, tweed, and ponte knits are all excellent choices that convey a polished look.
  • Classic Colors: Navy blue, black, and grey are timeless and perfect for interviews. For a touch of personality, consider deeper jewel tones like plum or hunter green. Depending on where you interview, a more colorful skirt suit is appropriate. Add a bit of flair with a pink skirt suit or a bright blouse under a darker blazer. 

Pictured above: Business in Barcelona blazer and skirt

Tops and Layering:

  • Classic Blouses: Button-down blouses or shells with high necklines or collars add a polished touch. For a feminine look, pair our With Love blouse with a skirt suit. The bow at the neck adds that extra touch!
  • Sophisticated Knits: A thin turtleneck or mock neck sweater can add warmth under your blazer. Choose fitted knits that maintain a professional silhouette.
  • Scarves for Flair: A tasteful scarf can add personality while maintaining modesty. Opt for neutral colors or patterns that complement your outfit.

Pictured above: Blushing Ambition blazer

Modesty Matters:

  • Dress Length: Ensure your skirt or dress hits below the knee for a professional look.
  • Sleeve Style: Opt for blouses or sweaters with sleeves that cover your biceps.
  • Sheer Fabrics Done Right: Love a blouse with sheer elements? Layer a shell or layering top underneath for a more modest and polished look.

Pictured above: She's Something Special blazer and skirt

Accessorize with Intention:

  • Minimalist Accessories: Keep your accessories professional and delicate. Small gold hair clips, a simple headband, or a thin watch are all suitable choices.
  • Closed-Toe Shoes: Closed-toe pumps or flats in neutral tones are the most appropriate footwear for an interview setting.

Bonus Tips:

  • Research the Company Culture: If possible, research the company's dress code beforehand. This helps you choose an outfit that aligns with their environment.
  • Confidence is Key: The most important factor is feeling confident and comfortable in your interview attire. When you feel good, it projects outward and makes a positive impression.

Pictured above: First Chapter to Forever dress

Modest Interview Outfit Inspiration:

  • The Skirt Suit: A skirt suit offers a polished and feminine option. Choose a midi skirt and pair it with a blazer in a complementary color.

Pictured above: Charleston Confidence blazer and skirt

  • The Modest Dress: A tailored dress or simple dress with a blazer instantly creates a polished interview outfit. Opt for midi dresses with long or three-quarter length sleeves.

Pictured above: Poised with Purpose dress

Remember: Modesty and style can go hand-in-hand. With these tips and outfit ideas, you can create a confident and impressive interview look that reflects your unique style. Rock that interview!

Andrea Long

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