Add a Little Coziness

November 12, 2014

[Image via Pix Good]

co·zy ˈkōzē/ 1. giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Have you ever visited a house and felt as though nothing was meant to be stepped on, sat on, or touched? Did it seem rather impersonal and cold? Nothing is more pleasant than a welcoming, cozy home-a “lived in” home. When a guest enters your haven, they should feel as though they know you a bit better. What you place in your home can, and should!, reflect your personality and help create a cozy atmosphere. A few simple touches can add so much!

The candles, candles, candles in the image above! Not only do candles distribute an amazing scent, the light they give adds to the feeling of warmth and comfort in a room. At our house, we love to light a candle or two throughout the day. This contributes to a welcoming atmosphere.

Image via Etsy/DreamyPhoto

Displaying books can help achieve a cozy feeling in your home. I used some of my favorite books to decorate with recently. Your favorites can be an indicator of your personality, and they also add such character to a room.

Image via My Home Ideas

Family portraits are perhaps the most personal touch of all to add coziness to your home. Pictures capture some of the most memorable moments of your family; by showcasing them, you can share some of your most beautiful memories with everyone who steps into your home.

This week, why not relax, drink a warm cup of tea and enjoy your cozy and comfortable home? You lovely ladies deserve it!