After The Wedding Bells

February 18, 2015

You’ve returned from the honeymoon and there hangs one of the most cherished purchases of your entire life: your wedding dress.

Countless hours were poured into finding your dress and altering it for the appropriate fit. Yet, there it hangs with no further use — or so you may think. There are actually quite a few things you can do to put your dream dress to good use!

1. Take Post-Wedding Bridal Portraits
It can be so much easier to make time for bridal portraits after the wedding. You might find yourself more able to relax and take good pictures after the wedding nerves have passed as well. I know I did.

Personal Image

By going this route you have the option to wait for the season of your preference. A friend of mine waited for a snowfall to take her post-wedding bridal pictures.

Image courtesy of Breeana Campfield

2. Preserve the Dress
Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of sharing your dress with your daughter someday or want to display it in your home. Don’t just dry clean it, take the time to find a preservation specialist in your area. If your dream is to have the dress for many years to come, it is well-worth the extra cost to have your wedding gown properly preserved by a professional.

3. Repurpose
If you’d rather not keep your dress tucked away for years, but don’t have the room or desire to display the dress in your home, why not repurpose the dress into something new? Dye it and have it altered to wear again, place a piece in a shadow box along with your wedding invitation, or use the material to make a pillow.

Photo courtesy of Breeana Campfield

4. Donate

Consider donating your dress to a worthy cause. Brides Across America will give your dress to someone in the military in need of a wedding gown. Rachel’s Gift is an organization that supports families during the loss of an infant and will accept a wedding gown donation to then make into a burial gown. Local thrift stores or churches are always options to help others, as well.

There are far too many charity organizations that accept wedding gowns to list them all. Find one that feels right and give another bride an opportunity to feel beautiful on her wedding day and cherish your dress just as you did.