All About “The Dress”

July 01, 2015


Oh darlings.

If there’s anything I really, really love, it’s a good wedding dress.

And by “good wedding dress,” I don’t just mean your every-day, average bridal gown. I mean, I love those, too, but I’m talking serious dress.

The kind of dress that honest-to-goodness makes your jaw drop because of its beauty.

The dress that goes on-and-on-and-on; the kind of dress that looks like it weighs at least a thousand pounds; the kind of dress that is purely magical.

The kind of dress that you just can’t.stop.staring.at.

Way back when scrapbooks were the thing and I was twelve years old, I coveted bridal magazines. I ordered — actually ordered and paid for! — a Mary’s Bridal catalogue, swiped free bridal mags off the shelves of bridal salons, stocked up on all the latest David’s Bridal leaflets, confiscated my cousin’s bridal magazines, checked out all the magazines on weddings the library had at one time. I was basically a wedding fanatic in those days.

Anyway, I cut those babies apart. Cut out the pictures of all my favorite dresses and glued them into the pages of a scrapbook created with 8.5×11 copy paper and pink construction paper labeled “My Wedding.”

Ohhhhhh the days.

And I KNEW who I was marrying, too, mind you! *insert guffaws of laughter here*

Maybe one day I’ll share more on that little tangent, but today I’m sharing some truly gorgeous bridal gowns with you. Definitely not saying that I would necessarily wear one, or encourage you to do so, but I think we can appreciate the truly beautiful aesthetic from each of these gowns simply for what they are and what they represent.

Some of them are crazy glitzy and ostentatious, others are organic and delicate, while still others are classic in an era of beads and bling and everything but blahsé. And I think you’ll be surprised — and hopefully a little impressed! — that they’re all genuinely modest in their own right!

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