Auctions for the Win

July 25, 2014

One of the many reasons I love thrifting is because it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll find something unique. Another way I’ve found unique and inexpensive clothing is by shopping eBay. It’s one of my favorite ways to shop online for modest clothing!


Remember this bird top? It was an $8 eBay purchase and that includes shipping! It did require a 4-5 week shipping time because it’s a Chinese seller. It’s a little trade off with the wait time, but in my experience it has been worth it!

The trick to successfully shopping eBay is using keywords in your search. My favorite searches are midi skirt, midi dress, 3/4 length sleeve top, vintage dress, vintage skirt, vintage top. There’s a lot of successful combinations you can search. A great feature on eBay is you can save your searches and be updated when something new is added.

I just purchased this great color blocked skirt for $11 on eBay. The seller had included a length measurement, but not a waist measurement. I took a chance and the skirt fit perfectly! I hardly ever do that, especially on eBay. I highly recommend carefully reading and abiding by size charts or even messaging a seller to ask a sizing question before purchasing.


I kept this outfit simple and summery by pairing it with a white button up and champagne wedges. This is a low maintenance outfit look, which is perfect for the heat of summer! Layering is not my friend mid-July in the Florida sun.

I purchase Buy it Now items, but honestly, I love the thrill of an eBay auction. I’m the person that waits to bid in the last 5 seconds, heart pounding excitedly. It’s been a successful strategy, but I’ve also lost that way without a chance for a second bid. Most times my husband and his wallet appreciate the loss more than the purchase!