Autumn Inspiration

September 29, 2014

Image via Who What Wear, Photo: Pose

If you are breathing, then I’m sure you are aware that this fall season is making quite the appearance. From pumpkin spice lattes to racks of sweaters and scarfs, it is nearly impossible to not get excited about this gorgeous season. There is just something about autumn that is so warm and inviting. While I am sure that your feeds are already flooded with pumpkins and pictures of fallen leaves, I wanted to share with you my favorite fall outfit, food, and other miscellaneous inspiration pins from Pinterest!

Mixing patterns has become such a trend in the past few years, although I have really never been a huge fan. Then I saw this pin. This outfit is stunning and bold, but still so timeless and modest. This is definitely something I would wear for Thanksgiving dinner with my crazy Italian family. It strikes that perfect balance between classic and trendy. I absolutely love this look, and will definitely be recreating it for the holidays.

I absolutely love pleated, taffeta skirts for fall. I have been seeing them everywhere. Have you noticed that being modest and classy is becoming more and more “in style” in the fashion world? This skirt reminds me of something that style icons Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly would have worn. I adore the high waist, and I must say the length is perfect. Overall, it is an elegant piece that would be perfect for the next big conference!


Image via ShopStyle

I came across these cinnamon apple rings, and thought that it was such a creative idea. With it seems that someone is selling cinnamon donuts on every corner, it is so nice to have such a creative, healthy alternative. Let’s just be honest, these look delicious and kind of make my mouth water. I will be trying these out as soon as possible.


Recipe via Fortune Goodies

I cannot adequately express how obsessed I am with this particular pin. This is a perfect idea if you are having a fall wedding or some type of harvest party. They simply hot glued these sunflower heads onto a Styrofoam sphere, and voíla, you have a gorgeous, not to mention eye catching piece, of décor!


Image via ImgFave Photo from: Miasavvi

This is one of my favorite quotes. All of these things are essential to being an effective Christian woman. This quote that always makes me stop and think, “Do I give instead of take?” or “How often do I complain?” “Do I listen to the thoughts and concerns of others?” It is the type of quote that kind of sticks with you.


Image via ExtraMadness

My last fall favorite is this caramel apple bar. (If you have yet to figure it out….. I love to eat). This idea is something that I could most definitely see myself doing. It is a great idea, again for a wedding or harvest party, or even for a fun night with some of your girlfriends! I am essentially a caramel apple fanatic and go through several in a week. I love this idea, and cannot wait to try it out!


Image via Bridal Guide Photo: Walter Wilson Studios 

I hope you are feeling just as autumn-inspired as I am! These pins have inspired me to be more creative for the fall season! There is nothing more appropriate than trying something new in the season of new beginnings! Happy fall, lovely ladies!