Be A Lady – Bright Pink

March 13, 2015

Since the Dainty Jewell’s 2015 Spring Collection just recently launched, many are raving about all the new and gorgeous outfits. There is one dashing piece that I completely adore, so without further ado — I present to you one of my favorite Dainty Jewell’s outfits as of yet: Be A Lady In Bright Pink!


Everything about this outfit speaks of pure beauty! When I saw that this dress came out in bright pink, I was instantly sold. Pink is such a flattering and feminine color, especially with the fabulous contrast of the white lace. And might I add that mere pictures do not do this outfit justice: it’s just breathtaking in person. The embellished trim of white lace on the skirt and sleeves give a nice detail to the whole look. I love the peplum at the waistline, too. The entire ensemble is undoubtedly stunning and quite versatile too!

As many ladies have perceived it as a dress, they are astonished when I tell them that it’s a two piece. It’s quite convenient to have some adaptable pieces in your wardrobe to switch things up a little bit. I have worn the pink laced top with a black pencil skirt to bring a nice variety to my personal style.

One of many things that I completely admire about this outfit is how comfortable it is. It has plenty of give and is also the perfect length! Finding dresses that are long enough for me is quite a hassle since I am taller than the average woman; at 5″7′, I have to layer nearly half of my dresses. And what lady enjoys doing that? What I absolutely love about this darling dress: there is no layering required — even for us taller women!

Be a Lady in Bright Pink | She's Intentional: The Dainty Jewell's Blog


Knowing how to accessorize appropriately is key in achieving a classy outfit.  To obtain an ever-so-polished and chic appearance, simplicity is the goal. With this two piece outfit, I did very little accessorizing. I used a small clutch then added a simple, classy gold watch and an elegant brooch that I found at a thrift store. Elegant accessories like brooches, hair clips, and watches produces a more delicate touch when accessorizing sweet, feminine dresses like this. Remember that you don’t have to add elaborate or exaggerated details to achieve class; sometimes less is better, like Nicole mentioned yesterday in her post!

So, if you’re looking for a gorgeous Easter outfit that is pretty and pink, make sure to get this beauty at Dainty Jewell’s while it’s still in stock!

Happy Spring, Darlings!