Be a Source of Light

June 14, 2016

We must remember that we are here in the world to be a light in a time of darkness.

Wherever you go people notice you, they watch your actions, what you say, and how you treat others, your attitude, and some may even scrounge your social media accounts to see if you are the same person there as you are in real life. Some may never admit it, but they want to be like you because they notice that you are different. They notice you can’t be downtrodden, your joy is contagious, and you always have a happiness that seems to be constant no matter the weather or situation.

This world is constantly trying to stand out and be their own individual, going against all norms to stand out and by being different. But we were not called to be different individuals; we were called to be a light to the darkness that is this world.

“Don’t try to be different. Just try to be good, that’s different enough.”

This quote rings so true for me personally. There are people willing to go to great lengths to stand out, to be different and original. They are all in a frenzy of finding their uniqueness and if you are weird it is now a thing to be proud of it. I don’t think they have noticed that they are all the same in their pursuit of trying to be different. If you simply make a personal decision to be good, that makes all the difference. Being kind, well-mannered, and respectful alone is something that stands out in this time and day. Being a faithful God-fearing daughter of the King will make you stand out and shine so brightly that people have no option but to notice you.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

The thing is, they won’t really notice you, but they will notice all of the qualities you exemplify Christ through. They will notice your love for people, your dedication to your church, and your God given peace and joy. This light you are shining into your area of the world will not go unnoticed; it will draw people to you with curiosity, questions, and a desire to obtain what you have.

So be the light wherever you go, and shine with the ultimate love of Jesus in your heart, intentionally drawing them closer to Him.