Be Your Own You

January 31, 2015

We all know we are uniquely our own person, and we know that there is no one else like us. Our fingerprints, personality, and physical features are not replicated on anyone else. God made us wonderfully and we don’t argue that.

“…I am fearfully and wonderfully made..” Psalm 139:14


Starting from childhood, we as women are constantly taught and reminded to love and embrace who we are. And while we keep that tucked away for times of reassurance, we can easily slip into comparing ourselves to other ladies. We compare talents, clothing, appearance, income, skills, and all other things to what we own and do. As a result, we can quickly start to become dissatisfied with who we are.

The world of social media adds fuel to this fire as we are constantly flooded with reminders that somebody is thinner, funnier, richer, and prettier than us. Their status updates remind us that their world is filled with perfect happenings and that pictures show us that they are slightly better than us.

Or so we think.

We need to remember that God is perfect and that He does not make mistakes. That means when He made us, it was intentional and no mistakes were made. He purposefully made us for His purpose and whatever talents and skills He gave us were for us to use for Him.

Improving ourselves is good to do, but only if we are doing it for better health, growing our talents, and developing our skills. But if we are only trying to improve ourselves to become more like someone else, then we are making the statement that God created us badly. And I’m sure that none of us are bold enough to make that statement!

When we find ourselves unhappy with who we are, we need to pray that God gives us self acceptance and confidence. On days where we do not seem adequate enough, we need to remember that God took time to make each and every one of us. And on days where we struggle the most with our identity, maybe we should avoid social media for a bit to avoid the world of comparison.


While this message may seem intended for young girls, it is a reminder for women of all ages: regardless of where you are in life, remember that you have been created with intention and are wonderfully made!