Behind-the-Scenes and Sneak Peeks of the Dainty Jewell’s 2016 Spring Collection!

February 26, 2016

The Dainty Jewell’s Spring 2016 Collection will be here next week, and we couldn’t be more excited!

After months of planning … weeks of making preparations … days of shooting photos … We really have had so much fun working on this collection — the preparation in design, fabric choosing, and, of course, working with our models and the amazing photographer Cynthia from Thia Photographie!

So, to celebrate, we thought we’d share a few spring collection sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes photos with you.

Dainty Jewell's Spring 2016 Collection Previews and Sneak Peeks

This modestly feminine piece as modeled by our own beautiful Jessica Wyatt will be available in two lengths and one other color: your go-to dress for spring and summer outings!

Dainty Jewell's Spring 2016 Collection Sneak Peek

We’re super excited about this lovely gingham piece with a similar “carefree-summer-day” feel.

Dainty Jewell's Spring Collection Sneak Peeks

We’re adding several new pencil skirt options that we know you’re going to love! You can preview a few of the upcoming pencil skirt and layering top options now at www.daintyjewells.com.

Spring 2016 Collection Sneak Peeks | Dainty Jewell's Modest Apparel

Getting married soon? You’ll want to check out the new to-die-for bridesmaid dress options! This dress will come in several different colors, and we have a feeling it’s going to be a spring collection favorite.

Spring Collection Behind-the Scenes on She's Intentional

Some of our sweet, beautiful models and the kind bellmen at the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas! We may have had spring on the brain, but photo shoot day was cold and wintry in the south.

Dainty Jewell's Behind-the-Scenes Spring Collection 2016

Our models Jessica and Lauren—pretty ladies with beautiful personalities to match!

So many happy memories of the photo shoot days for the Dainty Jewell’s Spring 2016 Collection! Which of these brand new pieces are you the most excited for?

Let us know what you’re expecting from the new collection in the comments below and be sure to check back over the next week — because the best is still yet to come: join Dainty Jewell’s on Instagram @DaintyJewells + Dainty Jewell’s Apparel on Facebook 12 AM on March 5th for our spring release party … We can’t wait to see you at the launch of our best collection yet!