Being Brave :: Guest Post by Jacy Lee Pulford

April 23, 2018

Please welcome to the blog guest-poster Jacy Lee Pulford!  Jacy is an author, homeschooling mom, and entrepreneur (Hello Awesome Shop), and we are honored to have her with us on the blog. Enjoy her encouraging words, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!


Are you brave?

You might automatically say no. The definition of bravery has changed as this world has become louder. Perhaps even in your school, youth group, or social circle, the concept of bravery may mean someone who isn’t afraid to be heard or to stand up with a shout for truth.

Sure, that takes confidence, but sometimes being brave is a quiet whisper. Sometimes it’s a private suffering in the face of a heartbreaking situation. Sometimes bravery is getting on your knees and telling Jesus that He is enough for you. If you can lower your head onto the lap of our Savior when everything or everyone tells you to give up, you are brave, girl!

Courage often happens behind closed doors, with tear-soaked pillows and prayers only uttered in complete secrecy. It is not always bold and loud and full of fireworks. Bravery can be offering heartfelt worship even when you don’t want to. Bravery can be opening your mouth with praise even when your mind can’t think. To be brave in a world that tells you to be someone else really means to bend towards the Light and not break under the pressure.

Perhaps bravery is not only using a platform or loudspeaker to get your message across. Just maybe, in the eyes of the Lord, bravery can be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other when everybody is telling you to go back.

We all want to be brave, but some of us fear what that entails because of past ideas and definitions. Maybe God is telling you that bravery could be quiet and silent. Maybe God is showing you that to be brave is to just be obedient to His soft voice. It doesn’t mean you always get a medal, and it doesn’t always mean you need to shout from the rooftops. Be encouraged that your personality is a gift, and it will be used to do a great work someday. True bravery, maybe, can mean to keep going in your personal pursuit of fulfillment in Christ. Maybe bravery is not all about making big waves, but about gently holding our heads above the ripples and our eyes to heaven.

I’m reminded of the story of the lost sheep. The shepherd didn’t scream across the field in panic. He didn’t raise His tone, but simply started searching. He was sweet in diligence and listened with intent for a sound. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t be able to hear the cry of the baby lamb.

Bravery could just mean to be still, to let your life speak for you, and your voice be careful with its tone and emotion in the relationships around you. Maybe being brave by the world’s standards is overrated, because everyone is shouting, and everyone wants attention. But God is saying, “My sheep know my voice and will follow” (John 10:27).

Maybe being brave is just being a faithful sheep following the tender voice of her Shepherd, plowing forward in softness while keeping integrity intact.

Kindness is brave.

Righteousness is brave.

Holiness is brave.

Modesty is brave.

You are brave!

So perhaps encourage yourself today, my sister. Your sweet witness isn’t lost. A thousand empty words can drown themselves, but a simple, pure statement can rise up. As you walk down the noisy hallways to class or are sitting in the midst of competing voices trying to be heard . . . our Shepherd hears your meek plea. The choice to follow Him regardless of the chaos is the best example of bravery this world will ever see. 

Jacy Lee Pulford is a self-published Christian artist and writer who strives to uplift and inspire through the gift of creativity. Two profound subjects represented in her books and illustrations are emotional purity and modest fashion. With the help of Jesus and coffee, Jacy balances being a homeschooling boymom with running Hello Awesome, an online art & writing ministry. She resides with her handsome husband and two sons in their dream New England fixer-upper. Follow Jacy on Instagram for encouraging messages and artwork @helloawesomeshop

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