January 25, 2016

I consistently have life-altering thoughts while on planes.

It happens like clockwork.

Airports are bizarre in that sense: they force you to contemplate your life with unusual scrutiny. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have these experiences while flying because I am so entirely out of my element. While in the air, I find myself seeing things as they truly are rather than how I want them to be.

And there’s this point when flying at night that the world is visible from an eerily high altitude. It was then that I suddenly had a realization of how truly insignificant I am. Not to say that I don’t matter or that individuals are unimportant, but I realized how small I was in the sense that this world is such a massive place. Problems that appear so immense are really quite small in relation to the monstrosity that is our planet.

I was soon faced with the realization that the majority of the population beneath me were entirely lost. Spiritually lost.

It’s an overwhelming revelation, because prior to this I was reminded of my very apparent insignificance. I was reminded that I am one soul surrounded by a vast ocean of lost souls. It is perhaps one of the most burdening, consuming realizations known to man.

Yet, what is one to do? What effect can one human truly have in the midst of a sea of lost souls? The Bible reveals that heaven rejoices when one soul is saved, yet my mind instantly wanders to the remaining souls that have yet to be won.

It’s daunting. It’s frightening. It’s humbling.

Yet, what are we to do?

The answer is simple. We must allow our burden for souls to move beyond contemplation to a state of action. We must allow our paradigms to not only shift but to grow bigger. Our willingness to serve must expand to something bigger.

Because the truth is this: revival does not begin in a sanctuary, but it begins in the heart of an individual and moves outward.

I’ve decided to allow The Great Commission to entirely consume my life. I don’t want it to simply be a portion of my life; I want my life to revolve around the purpose of the cross.

This is for all of you who find yourself unsatisfied with your impact on the world. You are capable of making a truly significant, earth-shattering impact on the world. Here’s to winning that vast ocean of lost souls because the time is now. Here’s to doing something bigger with our lives, something that’s bigger than ourselves.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” – Matthew 28:19 AMP