Black, White, & Fire-Engine Red

July 24, 2015

There are days in every woman’s life when she feels the need to take a risk with her outfit, when she reaches for that wildly-colored blouse or throws together an “out of her box” pattern combination. Just as every woman experiences risk-taking days, she experiences classic days, days when she reaches for a time-tested and comfortable outfit or color combination. For me, one of those classic color-combinations has always been black and white with a pop of color that suits my mood.

It’s no secret that I’m a dedicated fan of black and white-especially stripes-in any setting. Black and white is my go-to for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Yet, sometimes a touch of color is necessary to make the transition from a good outfit to a great outfit and in this case, that color was a fire-engine red.

This was an effortless outfit. I threw on one of my favorite striped shirts, a fit and flare black midi-skirt that I purchased from Dotsy’s Boutique, and color-matched my accessories, the purse also from Dotsy’s Boutique and the shoes from Steve Madden.

This was my classic day outifit; I was comfortable and confident, ready to take on downtown with my fabulous photographer and friend Asiah Angelle. The options were endless, allowing for a pairing of any colored accessories, the addition of a blazer, or the allowance of a completely black-and-white look. In the end, “classic” outfits don’t adhere to a detailed set of rules, they are simply those combinations that allow for the thought “this outfit. This outfit will always look good.”


And so, Ladies, stay fabulous, remain confident, and enjoy those classic days.