Blessed to be a Blessing

February 12, 2015

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February 12-19 is New York Fashion Week. The week when people from all over the world join in New York to view the inspirations and fashions for Fall/Winter 2015. Many women, Apostolic women included, follow along as we see the big name brands showcasing the designs they’ve been working on for months. We are inspired by the clothing we will see on the catwalk, whether or not we purchase the clothing.

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There is a quote I read recently that reminded me of the traps we fall into as Christian women. While we justify spending money on our clothing and accessories as a way to look our best for the Lord, how often do we really spend to excess to the glory of ourselves and not to the glory of God? The following quote hits exactly to the heart of the matter in regards to our captivation with worldly things.

God forbid we collect more soles than souls, that we know our Creator less than Chanel, and that we spend more to carry Gucci than the gospel.

Help us if we visit Zion less than Zara, wear the Armor less than Armani, and forget Kate’s not that great compared to the Great-I-Am.

Because we all know the devil wears Prada.

How can we spend thousands on handbags while giving pennies to hand out Bibles?

Are we trading Fossil or fossils and Versace for living vessels?

Because Louis never loved me and Dooney never died for me.

Jimmy Choo can’t help like Jesus Christ, and what’s a Kors compared to the Cross?”

T. Hubba


How are we using our blessings? When we look down at our shoes do we solely take pride in the clothing we are wearing, or are we representing the Lord who blessed us with the money to purchase our nice things? Are we inspired to purchase Dainty Jewells items because we know that the modest brand represents the hearts and lives of Apostolic women who have holiness in their heart as well as in their outward appearance?

There is nothing wrong with nice things. I believe the Lord does not frown our blessings when He enables us to purchase luxury items in abundance. But, I believe it’s dangerous when we choose to allow creations replace the Creator. Matthew16:26 says it best: “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” 

We have the capabilities to bless others, as well as inspire others to good deeds through our own actions. We can inspire for good, and we can glorify God by attributing our successes and worldly gains to His blessings, not our own abilities. Christ is most glorified when we are contented in our blessings, rather than when we are seeking for more. We are Inspired for His glory, and blessed to be a blessing.